Strategy Informer: Is talking in-game bad?

Strategy Informer: "We're storming the enemy, ready to take the last point and claim victory. I look around at the rest of my Battlefield 2 buddies, before surging forward for what will hopefully be the final push. It's been an incredible round and I can't wait to go again straight after.

That's when the microphone symbol appears on the left-hand side of the screen, and a second later some idiot starts blasting loud music down his headset. A second player joins in, shouting random abuse at no-one in particular. Other players tell them to be quiet, but this only makes them louder. Within the space of around 20 seconds, the end of the game is ruined."

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Redgehammer2904d ago

heavens for the mute feature, and party chat.

GameArmada2904d ago

I use voice-chat regularly and it can make games so much more fun. It's a shame that many players get so irate over proper use of it.

rumplstilts2904d ago

It can make games fun, but it can also ruin it when you are playing with a racist 12 year old.

ASSASSYN 36o2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Like a routine required for gaming I start my party chat even when I am not playing a game. So I never have these issues. If you are not on my friends lists... I don't want to talk to you.

And here we go with another whine article that could have been remedied by the simple use of a mute button.

GameArmada2904d ago

Clearly you didn't read the article, as it talks about the complete opposite to what you're saying. Why don't you try reading things before you have a moan.