Getting a feel with the Playstation Move | GameState

"The Playstation Move arrives in the GameState studios. We tell you what it feels like to hold and if it's the kind of hardware we expect from Sony." - GameState

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CYCLEGAMER2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I can agree with him about the buttons, I actually got a chance to play move at the sony store yesterday and I was surprised on how awkward the button placement/size/feel of the buttons on the move, maybe it's just something that I have to get used to. The trigger is freakin awesome though, it kinda feels like the button is gripping your finger (if that makes any sense).

The only game that they had available was sports champions (sword fighting). I don't know how the other games will be but the sword game isn't as accurate as they claim it to be, but it does look way better than the wii.

fourtwenty20092961d ago

The guy orgasms over the box presenting it to viewers as what they will get.

Hey -- it's a PRESS KIT DURRRRRP!!!

Next time worry less about your makeup and more about your factual information.

inbetweener2961d ago

this guy is a bag of douche.

granthinds2961d ago

Thanks man, appreciate your honest opinion :)

inbetweener2961d ago

I appreciate how well you took that!

Bell Boy2961d ago

I have had my ps eye 2 years or so and not once did I feel the need to throw it across the

What ever floats your boat but surely most gadgets will not put up with that type of

granthinds2961d ago

True, I've been a gaming journalist for a while and need to constantly trek this tech around. A lot of it gets damaged, especially the 360. Been through 3 of them. I get worried when i see fragile technology.

Raoh2961d ago

why does everyone in the world feel the need to have a website or youtube channel....

the internet is the worst thing to happen to people....

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