Duke Nukem Forever: Too little, too late

NowGamer: The games industry, more than any major media working right now, has this unhealthy fascination with nostalgia and projects that end up delaying themselves into oblivion. It mostly culminates with a number of factors inherent to the games industry (such as pre-release hype reaching absurd levels) and it’s been brought starkly to light with the recent revelation that Gearbox Software has acquired the rights to the Duke Nukem IP and is reviving Duke Nukem Forever after over a decade in development...

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movements2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

No sir, that's like saying a Final Fantasy VII remake would be too late

Cloudberry2996d ago

"Too little, too late."


user94220772996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Don't pay attention to Nowgamer. They only make articles purely for N4G, and unfortunately, they go to extreme measures to do so; such as too little, too late articles. Right, Nowgamer?


They also somehow boost all their stories onto the front page - they must send multiple hits somehow -

So, let Nowgamer just keep posting their stories on N4G and every time they do, their credibility smashes down.

MicroSony4Life2996d ago

The game is going to be good but no what people expected.

I dont think people realize that Dukes line are old and dont have the seem impact as the had back then - its like saying cowabunga or narly dude, word to yo mama, they just dont have the seem impact as they had when the first were said. The gameplay will also be old being that we have had over 200 shooters this generation and every thing but the kitchen sink has been put in them - what else can Duke do that has not been done.

I will rate this game along the lines of Saints Row which is just over the top fun and nothing ground breaking.

I am not hating on Duke cause I am one of his biggest fans but my expeaction arent as high as in 1997.

AnttiApina2996d ago

Don't like the way that these guys at NowGamer approach things.

Not for my taste

FrankenLife2996d ago

Before you start deciding whether the game will still be fun to play, you need to play it. I played it this weekend, and had a blast. It did feel old, but it also felt right. Little things like the way Duke holds the gun on screen felt straight out of the 90's. In an odd way, that just felt right. If they modernized it too much it would blend in too much with all the other shooters today. The little quirks that made a Duke Nukem game are there and it is awesome. The framerate was solid. The animations looked good and smooth. Pulling the trigger felt powerful. The levels they showed were well designed. I am excited for this game and will buy it day one.

DaBadGuy2996d ago

It's like saying Legend of Dragoon 2 would be too late. It wouldn't. GIVE ME FUCKING LEGEND OF DRAGOON 2!

CimmerianDrake2996d ago

Because it's not going to have most of the generic features of today's more popular generic shooter titles? *Sigh*

Kurt Russell2996d ago

I would expect nothing more than generic personally...

CimmerianDrake2996d ago

It's 13 years old so the mechanics will likely be largely dated, but DN is about humor and being over the top, not cover, squad based tactics, and camping.

Kurt Russell2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I'm actually a fan of Duke... But other than one good game, they've all lacked the original humour and fun over-the-topness.

What will happen this time is they will put so much time and effort into copying the lines, and magic moments from the original (LA) - paste them into their new game engine - And find it gets flat 6/7's in the reviews due to poor physics engine and all the other things that really matter, and could have produced a fantastic game.

I'll be happy to be wrong, but until otherwise proven I'll remain cynical and not suffer any disappointment at the finishing line.

CimmerianDrake2996d ago

I'm not expecting it to be anything too special either, but as long as it has Duke's style, I'm happy enough with it.

Mista T2996d ago

we'll see who's outdated when this game goes multiple platinum

I hate when people they use the word generic when it comes to fps, you shoot stuff, and that doesn't change or it would no longer be a fps

Kurt Russell2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

You can have a Generic shooter Mista T - you can also have groundbreaking ones...

It's not always just shooting stuff ; Storyline, puzzles the environments - these and a lot of other factors shape a good game, so don't be ignorant.

CimmerianDrake2995d ago

Generic is another word for commonplace. Something that is done so much, it's generic. Just like there are generic brands of medicine, clothing, food, etc...

In shooters, generic means that the content of the game is largely a copy and paste job using kind of like a check sheet for what should go into a shooter.

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BubbleSystemSuck2996d ago

Too little too late articles.. we need more positive "journalism"

jaosobno2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Duke to the haters: Blow it out your ass, I've got balls of steel! Hail to the King baby!

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