Halo 3: The Tale of Two Achievement Lists

"Halo 3... The game that the world impatiently waits for. The game whose every single detail is soaked up and analyzed by gamers worldwide. Screenshots, trailers, sneak peeks and, without exception, the achievements. However, what if Bungie was toying with the community? What if they did something with Halo 3 that no other Xbox 360 game has done before?

A few months back, posted what appeared to be the Halo 3 achievements. The list was recently updated to fill in a few gaps, including the missing points.

Krazie has managed to find a second list of achievements for Halo 3. The original link where we got our achievements is located here. But, a second link has emerged with all of the achievements shown as secret."

Hit the button to check the both achievment list and suggestions to what it might be.

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Waffle-boy4055d ago

Some believe that they have separate achievements for the windows platform, but why would they do that? Your gamertag is shared through all of live either Xbox or Windows.

Caxtus7504055d ago

There isnt a windows that gets rid of that lol

Waffle-boy4055d ago

What i meant was: This does not mean that a windows version will come out any time soon.

Jack Bauer4055d ago

i highly doubt there are two different lists, the xecret achievement list prolly is old... i would find it odd if they are seperate that both list's every achievement is worth the same GS when comparing the lists.

dinkeldinkse4053d ago

All i want to do at this point is burn Bungie to the ground taking halo with it.