Halo: Reach for £31.95

Having gone live only last week, ambitious online games retailer Gametail is once again in the headlines thanks to an eye-catching deal it is currently offering on Microsoft’s Halo: Reach.

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The Meerkat3023d ago

I've got my copy ordered from Tesco Direct for £28.74
I did it a few week ago so I don't know if the deal is still available but here is a link that I used.

Hades13373023d ago

Cheers for the tip dude.

Antan3023d ago

Doh! Back upto full price.

SickoJay3023d ago

You WONT get recon/elite armour set if you pre-order from tesco because they arn't doing that promotion, even though its a fair bit cheaper, i'd rather pay a bit more and get mah reconz. :D

so thats why I decided not to order from the,, and I head their delivery is terrible for pre-orders..

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seann3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

nah, i am pretty sure people wont buy it at that price. they will think its fake or something. and stick with the $60 price tag. Idiotic, yes. but its halo. all logic is destroyed when halo is mentioned.

I am craving some reviews from random sites though. not ign or 1up. i want plasma station and strength gamer reviews. It would be a damn shame if all those reviews came after the release of the game. those reviewers have no obligations to anyone, therefore its hyperbole action all the way. makes for a fun read.

jdktech20103023d ago

you sound a tad upset and bitter...maybe I'm reading it wrong but geeze, it's just a game

seann3023d ago

i am sad that i am not getting reviews i crave. you see i am busy with essays, and i need to read some bad reviews. i am also sad that its not the middle of september already, or atleast the end of november. bitter yes, because there is nothing to play. only books and articles to read.

jdktech20103023d ago

hey, i'm sad too but I'll be happy as can be come September 14th....

kaveti66163023d ago

I think someone who buys a game they love and doesn't give a shit what other people say about it is more logical than a moron who is bitter that people enjoy something he doesn't so he claims that they are wrong or illogical.

That's what I think. "The game is fun" is the statement that trumps all other statements you can make against Reach.

The graphics are not as good as KZ

Response: "Halo Reach is fun."

Halo looks like Power Rangerz.

Response: "Halo Reach is fun."

Halo is generic.

Response: "Halo Reach is fun."

Halo is not hardcore.

Response: "Halo Reach is fun."

Halo is for kids.

Response: "Halo Reach is fun."

Halo costs money to play.

Response: "Halo Reach is fun."

Why should anything else matter in a game? Why should I give a shit that Microsoft is profiting from the game? If it entertains me, why should I give a shit about visuals? Every few months another excellent looking game is going to come out, but that's never stopped a fun game from being fun. Super Mario Brothers is fun and that's why it sells. It's not because Nintendo tricks children into getting it. If the kids have fun, then it's not a trick.

seann3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

dude relax. the only reason i said it was because i know people who would deliberately pay extra knowing that they can get it cheaper somewhere els. but they dont want to put in the effort.

we want different things. i want to read a bad review because my mind is already made up about the game. I dont care about the fun, visuals etc (the shit you were ranting about) because i am getting the game regardless of what the reviews say.

so now i intend to ENJOY the journey (til the game comes out), even though its been pretty bland and i am not laughing so much. because its not even about halo, the discussions cant seem to avoid mentioning the ps3 and its hitlist. cant mention halo without killzone nowadays. even you mention it. yes i know, you mentioned in a list. so it lost its value

kaveti66163023d ago

You claim it's because of Halo that people won't attempt to get it at a deal.

A lot of deals come out for a lot of games and people ignore it. It has nothing to do with Halo, and Microsoft/Bungie have already earned all the money they're going to make from the retail copy from the retailer.

People ignore deals because they are suspicious of scams. You think people who like Halo are illogical. You implied it in your first sentence.

What about all the people who say "Day 1" when it comes to Gran Turismo or Uncharted?

Where's their logic?

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