Pocket-Lint: Sony PlayStation Move Review

How do you score something this early in its life cycle? You have to score it on potential. Pocket-Lint recognizes that PlayStation Move could be something great, but it's all about the games. Having played a few titles, they're left wanting more: the technology works, and that's the real point here.

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smoothdude3018d ago

Unlike the author, I really don't like the glowing balls, however, I do agree with the wait and see approach to the move. If games really find a good way to use the move, then I will pick it up. There is just nothing out there that would motivate me to use this.

Brewski0073018d ago

I agree. I think alot of people will click the disagree button but the wait and see approach is the best way to go. Im not a big motion control fan anyways myself and if i had an xbox I wouldnt be buying kinect either. Im gonna focus on gaming as it is now unless theres something that comes out that REQUIRES Move and Im really hyped for it. But if Move is just an add on feature in a game I can play without it then I wont bother.

acky13018d ago

I am really looking forward to trying out Move with Heavy Rain and RE5... both of which are games I have been very tempted to buy but just didnt entice that little bit extra with what they offered.
But with Move, it changes everything for me, and I can see myself having 2 unique experiences with both games using both control schemes, that's quite appealing to me.

Still don't think I will buy Move straight away but if MGS:Rising makes an announcement that it will be implementing Move I will definately be getting one, without a doubt.

bjornbear3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I think Move is only interesting at the moment for:

a) tech/hardware lovers
b) sony lovers
c) both with loads of cash

software wise, there is nothing attractive for the real gamer, only the casuals

i guess its a wait and see deal with this one (until LBP2/Time Crisis come out),

but no way is it bad at all, just unappealing software wise for the hardcore gamer (i hate that definition -_--)

- I say this because i've finished HR and RE5 gold edition TWICE AT LEAST. I love them both, but I AM NOT replaying them just for Move, but thats just me.

LeonSKennedy4Life3018d ago

I have so many games that will be patched for Move though.

Why is no one taking those into account?

morganfell3018d ago

Agreed. As soon as Move was announced for Heavy Rain I stopped playing. I picked up the Gold Edition of RE5 for the same reason. Day 1 on the complete Move package.

celldomceen13018d ago

Agreed. Heavy rain and re5 are more than enough to keep me happy until kz3 and the rest of the line up comes out. LBP2 is another game i would love to play with move.

CYCLEGAMER3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I know this is kind of off topic but have you seen the video's with move being used for RE5? Maybe you can answer this, why in the hell are they using the trigger to aim and the "move button" to shot? I don't get it, wouldn't it make sense you use the trigger to shoot?

I wouldn't get the gold edition for that one reason alone.

Wh15ky3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I didn't understand why they did this with RE4 Wii Edition and I'm just as stumped as to why they have stuck with it for RE5 Move Edition. The trigger should surely be to shoot, it's a no brainer.
The only thing I can think of is that it is either easier (or perhaps more comfortable) to press and hold the trigger button and fire with the top button than it is to press and hold the top button and fire with the trigger button, although if that's the case then surely they could make the shoulder button on the nav controller aim then fire with the Moves trigger.

Having said that, I still loved RE4 Wii Edition and I have therefore preordered RE5 Gold Edition.

acky13018d ago

That is a very petty reason to not buy a game. I can only come to the conclusion that you have no interest in buying it in the first place.

You are right tho, the trigger should definately be used...whoever thought otherwise is an idiot. But like anything, you would get used to it very quickly.

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lowcarb3018d ago

Honestly I don't see how anybody would put down a controller that's been tweaked and made from the ground up for for a game in favor of a motion device. I mean where's the logic in that other then just saying PS3 can do it too. Sony is obviously going to make games for it but for now it should be wait and see same goes for Kinect.

Wh15ky3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Yeah, but the controller is not great for alot of existing types of games. The whole time I spent creating levels on Little Big Planet I couldn't help but think that the wiimote would be great for this. Then there's shooters, any PC gamer will tell you that controllers are not best suited for them. Then there's RTS games aswell.

DigitalAnalog3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Games like SH: Shattered Memories are more immersive because of the Wii. Point is, MOVE is in a safer zone than the Kinect, since the tech is similar to that of the Wii (only better accuracy), it's quite clear what the MOVE has in store in the near future.

Kinect on the other hand..... well first off you can't patch current games to work with Kinect. Why? Because you're gonna need the controller as tandem. And what exactly is Kinect's slogan? You've gussed it: "You are the controller". Or would MS dismiss it like it never happened?

-End statement

AKS3018d ago

"Honestly I don't see how anybody would put down a controller that's been tweaked and made from the ground up for for a game in favor of a motion device."

Even if you try to design a game from "the ground up" for a controller, certain genres just aren't well suited for controllers. For example, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 felt like it was always designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind even though the series began on the 360. Analog sticks are not well suited for aiming. And I don't know of anyone who would prefer to play an RTS with a controller.

Many gamers seem to see the term "motion controller" and associate the waggle Wii games with that. The Wiimote doesn't have the precision of Move, and very few games in the Wii's library are hardcore games. I'd be cautious about extrapolating experiences with other motion controllers and Move. Move actually has the level of precision to make an impact in hardcore games, including even online competitive multiplayer. I'm going to be using it in any game that involves aiming, as analog sticks aren't particularly well suited for this task.

zero_cool3018d ago

Sony reinvented console gaming by successfully combinding all 3 technologies to work together in inovative ways to create new gaming experiences it's that simple.

Orionsangel3018d ago

I knew it! Let's throw this Movie and Kinect shit in the garbage! Let's go back to playing real games.