Microsoft is fighting in Germany with a shortage of supply

In Germany, Microsoft still struggles with shortages of supply, as the new 250GB Xbox 360 Slim is selling better than expected.

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Hacking3020d ago

Bu bu but xbox360 only sells in America Europe belongs to Sony lol.

commodore643020d ago

The 360s has been selling extremely well in Europe and NA since the release of the 360s.

It's no wonder.
The price is right, it's tremendous fun,looks great and is ultra reliable.
Those Germans seem to be returning to the xbox brand with good reason.

ColJessup3020d ago

Of course, Commodore doesn't offer up anything to support his claims. Makes it easy to create the type of BS he's peddling. He Commodore, next time, how about you prove it. And not with fake, VGChartz numbers.

You want to know what we do know is true? VGChartz overtracked the 360 by more than 30% for the first six months of the year, and their numbers for the PS3 are off by more than two million versus what Microsoft and Sony released for numbers. We can probably assume that the 360 got a bit of a boost when they cut the price on the old 360's, but there's no evidence in Europe that the 360S is doing extremely well. We know it's in limited supply because Microsoft told us it's going to be in limited supply for awhile.

For all we know the 360s could be doing terribly in Europe. When Microsoft and Sony last gave us numbers the 360 wasn't doing so hot. Look it up. I did. What was it, a year of crappy hardware sales?

It's easy to make claims like "the 360 is selling extremely well in Europe" when you don't bother to back it up. Hell, watch me do it!

"The 360 has quadrupled PS3 sales in the last week in Japan! Yeah!"

So how easy that was! Problem is, it's called lying if you can't back it up with a reliable source. I've seen you argue VGChartz fake data before - so I'm assuming that's all you've got. Maybe some meaningless Amazon.UK chart from months ago. :)

See, the problem is you can't handle the truth!

gamingdroid3019d ago

Things are really heating up in Germany. First PS Move is sold out, now Xbox 360 S.

Some just can't handle the Xbox 360 do well in other countries than the U.S.

kaveti66163019d ago

I don't know coljessup.

VGChartz is actually referenced by professional media outlets.

How can I trust your statements? You're just a mean, code-red ordering general from a crappy tom cruise flick from 1993.

lowcarb3019d ago

"Of course, Commodore doesn't offer up anything to support his claims"
First you call out Commodore for this above!

And then turn around and not post any links to back your claims below?
"When Microsoft and Sony last gave us numbers the 360 wasn't doing so hot. Look it up. I did"

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jack_burt0n3019d ago

the few 360 owners in germany are searching for one in the hope of having a semi reliable machine sad but true.

Kain813020d ago

i live in berlin and here you can find it everywhere...

Independent_Charles3020d ago

at the diagrees. i mean a lot of people of berlin are on this site. i mean i dont know if that comment is legit or not but come on.

Megaton3019d ago

I'd believe it. You could find them everywhere in the US when they claimed shortages for the first few months of 2008.

Death3019d ago

but the U.S. is a little bigger than your local Walmart, even if it is a Super Walmart.

Megaton3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Cute, but I don't even shop at Walmart. I saw them at max shelf capacity at Fry's, Blockbuster, Best Buy, Target, and Game Dude (small local store) during the months of the supposed shortage. is always a really good indicator too. When the Wii and PS3 had shortages, they limited the number of units each person could buy, and even when they were out of stock they still hovered around in the top 25 selling items. During the 360 shortage, no limits were put on any of the 3 SKUs, and they were all dragging ass around the bottom of the top 100.

Karooo3019d ago

it sold 10 units instead of the usual 5.

Hey but still what about the games? yall dont got any more exclusives left. Spin that.

kaveti66163019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I don't know kartik. I have several friends (I know, hard to believe, a douchebag like me) and most of them don't come to this site and they make fun of me for doing so. They don't understand this constant measuring of console's dicks, you see. They're not like, "Oh noes!!! PS3 has more exclusives than 360!!!"

A very small group of pathetic people really give a shit about the things that a majority of people don't care about. This is evidenced by Call of Duty games selling extremely well while the majority of people on this site despise the game.

So, my spin is this. Almost nobody cares. Most of the people playing Cod on their 360s don't give a shit about Killzone or the Last Guardian. And judging from how well Cod sells on PS3, I'm going assume that most PS3 owners don't give a shit about Fable 3 or Halo Reach on the 360.

And because of the large number of excellent multiplatform titles heading to both the 360 and the PS3 month after month, year after year, I'm going to further assume that nobody is suffering from any gaming droughts, despite what people say on the internet.

So, spin that.

gamingdroid3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Well said.

I don't know why this sites readers are such a negative hating bunch of people!

I love Ninja Gaiden, CoD, Halo and Gears of War. Heck, I even loved Starcraft, but people still had to hate on that too.

Makes you wonder what people play?

Bucky Sligo3019d ago

Well said kaveti. Good to see there is still some sense left on N4G.

corneliuscrust3019d ago

well said. Theses kinds of comments are rare around here

etownone3019d ago

spin what?

that your a troll making stupid comments with zero truth, your doing fine all by yourself kid.

KiLLUMiNATi_893019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Man can you be any more of an FANBOY. Damn bro why be so hateful for lol. GROW UP. Just be glad, all consoles are doing great and that's a very good thing.

Karooo3019d ago

look at the first comment though hacking guy

hoops3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

The funny reality is for console games is this:
Most games bought on ALL systems (PS3, XBOX360 and even the PC) are MULTIPLATFORM GAMES FROM 3RD PARTY GAME HOUSES. They make up the vast majority of games bought.
How many EXCLUSIVE games are released during the fiscal calender year?
Now compare that to MULTI-PLATFORM games released during the same time.
The number is almost 10-1.
If you are truely the type of person that only plays exclusive games for your console of choice, then you will only enjoy 4-5 exclusive DECENT games in that calender year...if you're lucky.
There are over 20-70 multiplatform games released during the year minimum.
This is why if your a HARDCORE gamer, you own all relevent game systems and not a N4G.COM fanboy

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strickers3019d ago

I thought only pro PS3 articles got approved.This seems to be some random little German article about 360 selling out.Why would the PS3 fanboys that apparently control this site approve this?
Anyway,on to point.The 360 selling out tells you nothing.The PS3 had dominated Germany,and to assume the selling out of 360 means it's doing really well is jumping the's like a 400% increase in sales in Japan sounds amazing but the 360 would still be off the pace.Without actual numbers it means nothing.It could still be outsold 3:1,even if it sells out.The article is just quoting MS from a PR interview anyway.

DelbertGrady3019d ago

"Why would the PS3 fanboys that apparently control this site approve this?"

Easy. They would approve it so they can troll it.

"Without actual numbers it means nothing." I agree with that. The article is bogus. But it's funny that you state something like that and then go on speculate about numbers in your next sentence.

F4sterTh4nFTL3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

No other Xbox 360 exclusive deserves to be called a system seller for a person who has some intelligence.

Hallmark Moment3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

While I agree Forza 3 is a solid Simulator with unmatched true to life handling/weight/physics/sense of speed/customization etc I disagree with the system selling jive. I play Forza 3 every day and play it more than any game in my collection because I love the genre and no other game gives me the fun or challenge in the racing genre.

Your reasoning/comment has no intelligence.

Bucky Sligo3019d ago

That's a silly comment. Just because people doesn't have the same taste in games as you doesn't mean they they are less intelligent.

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