Top Five 'Bang for your Buck' Games

Adam Smith from Coregamer: Have you ever paid full whack for a video game and when you sit down to play you feel like you're on to a steal? I know I have. Costing between £39.99 to £49.99 on release, some may find video game purchases a tad expensive, but from time to time a rare collection of games give you a warming sense that you've left the developers and publishers that created them, short changed.

Here's five titles that will be sure to prove value for money:

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HarryMonogenis2996d ago

World of Warcraft is around $120 a year in America, if I'm not mistaken. I personally would never spend that much money on ONE game every year...

AnttiApina2996d ago

LPB and Garry's Mod are the best that come to mind

Brewski0072996d ago

LBP is great for your buck , and also modnation racers. The play, create, share Genre is great and definatley breathes new life into games.
I'd agree with Fallout 3 being on there. Such a great game, and so much to do in it.
Im also going to disagree with WOW being on there. You have to pay an annual cost for this game, which im aware is standard for many MMO's BUT for it to be value for your buck you'd also want to make sure that playing WOW doesnt make you lose your Job, Apartment and Girlfriend/Wife.

hennessey862996d ago

and people say xboxlive is a rip off 120 a year thats shocking

CoregamerUK2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

You could argue though, that 3 games of equal value may not last you the entire year?

HarryMonogenis2996d ago

let's say:

Halo: Reach

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Gran Turismo 5

I'm pretty sure the games above would last me WELL OVER a year. In fact, if you think about it -- Halo 3 has been out for three years and it's still the second most played game on Xbox Live to this day..

CoregamerUK2996d ago

True - I mean i play wow from time to time if i'm honest but I still do go back to things like halo and play them more!

jrbeerman112996d ago

good point, but that more or less will justify its price as it stands.

Calling it the BEST bang for your buck however is a stretch.

Azurite2996d ago

Half-life I purchased in the late 90's is probably the most bang of my buck ever.
A whole lot of mods available for free, Counter-Strike included(which is still alive and kicking more than 10 years down the road).

thesithfreak2996d ago

WoW is worth the price. the scope of that game is unmatched to anybody that knows the ins and outs. yeah Black Ops is 60 dollars, but after a probably short campaign, you do the same thing over and over. shoot, reload, shoot, reload, shoot, reload.

HarryMonogenis2996d ago

Your perspective on the FPS genre is just stupid. Think about it, same could be said about World of Warcraft -- request quest, complete quest, request quest, complete quest...

Black Ops is more than shooting and reloading, it contains team-based game modes that require strategy.

Just like World of Warcraft's quests have entertaining tasks to complete..

thesithfreak2996d ago

i love shooters, i probably play more shooters than anything else. as far as team based strategy? if your talking about socom i'd agree, Call of duty? no. also, the team based raids in world of warcraft are far more strategic than anything you'll ever do in call of duty. there is no strategy to call of duty games. it is shoot, reload, get shot from behind, respawn, hear kids on the mic being racist.

JohnApocalypse2996d ago

There are allot more games that you could put on this list like San Andreas, Little Bog Planet and allot of multiplayer fps

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