Qriocity already appears in the profile of the U.S. PSN

Announced a few days ago from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), Qriocity is the service that will allow users with Playstation 3 and other equipment of the Japanese giant to buy and to listen music in many ways taking advantage of the versatility of application using a single account, such as the PSN ID.

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Dark_Energy2960d ago

It's been there for the early parts of the year just to point that out.

Godmars2902960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I've never noticed it.

But then I', only ever on my PS3 when checking my account.

Nitrowolf22960d ago

i never seen it on the ps3 singing in, but on ps blog or other site (i notice it first time singing into killzone 3 beta site)

truegame2960d ago

If you log into the site, you can deactivate your PS3, which is cool. -> using your PSN info.

Xulap2960d ago

You can't. It just lists the activated PS3s and gives you instructions on how to deactivate them yourself from the PS3 menu.

You got me all excited there for a minute.

Nitrowolf22960d ago

hmm i have 5 ps3 already activated

zoks3102960d ago

Yea me too, i have 5 PS3 and 3 PSP, but i only have 1 of each. I think my brother in law uses my account sometimes, but that dont explain the other 3.

Mmmkay2960d ago

game sharing is always soo smart...

DarkFantasy2960d ago

When will NA get stuff like this.. Seriously.

truegame2960d ago


Thanks for the right info. I saw deactivate and thought you could do it on the screen, did not want to press deactivate since I only have one PS3.


2960d ago
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