30° - MGS: Rising Preview

Videos and information circulated to date, combined with the pedigree of the series (and its parent house) are more than sufficient evidence to make us eagerly waiting for Metal Gear Solid: Rising. It will be an important change of direction because, in Konami's expectations, this will be the first chapter of a series parallel to that of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid world; while sharing a stealth approach, the underlying action "face-to-face" with the enemy will be very different and far more frenetic than that MGS fans are accustomed to, given the nature of the mechanized ninja who now is Raiden. However, within Konami remains a strong intention to attract new users while retaining most of the existing fanbase, thanks in part to a screenplay which promises to expand the web of the saga's renown narrative.
The long wait of the gaming world for the next chapter in the Metal Gear Solid series has begun: stay tuned.

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