Now even a calculator can be used to jailbreak the PS3

This is just getting ridiculous. A hacker has managed to successfully port the PS3 hack to a calculator, specifically the TI-84. Brandon Wilson has tweeted that a video and source code will be released soon. This has also been re-tweeted by Muscle Nerd of the iPhone dev team so it appears to be very legitimate. And yes, the TI-84 calculator sports a FLASH ROM with Mini-USB port.

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KratosGirI2995d ago

That's it?

Anton Chigurh2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

The best console ever Created :) ... Along with SNES and Mega Drive

2995d ago
commodore642995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I predict a floodwave of alternative JBs in the next few weeks.

brazilianbumpincher2995d ago


seriously whoever leaked this code sony need to find asap as this was definately an inside job

a CALCULATOR *facepalm*

Fred-G-Sanford2995d ago

Nowadays, the hardest part about hacking the PS3 is choosing which method to use. :D

Comet2995d ago

I'm pretty sure a good percentage of high-school/college students have a ti-84 plus calculator...
I'm all set since I already have a second PS3 as well :D

Video proof below vvv

HQLocated1112995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I dont know much about the PS jailbreak but the only way i'd condone any kind of hacking is if they figure out how to unlock dlc that is already on the disc, which the devs charge us for. IE. SSF4 costumes, RE5 DLC, Bad Company 2 DLC, etc.

n4gno2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

who can disagree ?

only poor desperated xtrolls in denial.

by the way, do you imagine how desperated they are to enjoy that kind of news :), ps3 was the hardest console to hack, and it's not the end, why enjoying another big fail for xbox fans ? (look at agree/disagree on other logic answer, it's pathetic :) nothing to play = fun with ridiculous news, even rumors and useless exploit..)
It's a very informative comment section, all the dumb xbox fans are here in full force, enjoying a thng they don't even understand (and if it's true = more console sold = ms well deserved 3 rd place)

theKiller2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

and nothing will stop others to hack it!! specially that the source codes and methods were distributed all over the internet!!

as commodore64 said, the psychological barrier was destroyed and now all hackers got a fresh new hope to hack more or hack the hackable!!

but lets face it guys, Sony at worst case scenario will not allow hackers to hack their online games. it is very hard to hack online games!! so at worst case scenario, people would be able to play pirated single games!! they will not be able to play anything online or they take the risk for online ban/warranty invalidation/total console ban!!

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user13372995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

its a pretty good calculator :p

Its like redempteur said "anything with usb and an eeprom works it seems "

Also, are you KG from gametrailers forums? :)

Motorola2995d ago

Brings back memories from my Math Regents D: that was terrible...
OT: Thats just crazy now the hackers have multiple options

Sony3602995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

It only does everything.

Ocelot5252995d ago

btw you do now that this vid is fake? It's from the a flemish comedy show "In de gloria", I saw it like when I was 9 years old

RedDragan2994d ago

is British right?

If so, he is in big trouble if this is real. The UK made any such coding illegal during a court case in July. He'll go to jail if he releases code that can lead to piracy.

TROLL EATER2995d ago Show
8thnightvolley2995d ago

ok now that is the height.. this is ridiculous

2995d ago
jerethdagryphon2995d ago

basically anything with a eeprom and usb will work
thats a problem

saddly unless sony can block this at its source i dont see anyway to stop it

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Wizziokid2995d ago

Wow they are going crazy now they have hacked the thing :|

morganfell2995d ago

It isn't as hack. it is an exploit. There is a sea of difference.

El_Colombiano2995d ago

Oh don't tell them that now. Let them have some fun.

ReBurn2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Pure semantics. It still works.

kaveti66162995d ago

morganfell, an exploit is a security breach in the system that is used to hack that system. stop spreading ignorance.

absolutecarnage2995d ago

call it what ever you like reguardless the people doing are having a hayday next up mp3 player hacks ps3

theIMP2995d ago

Damn Morgan, LOL I guess they told you.

hoops2995d ago

You know Morgan cried himself to sleep when the news broke that this was happening to his beloved PS3 and Sony.....

Sony3602995d ago

Whatever helps you feel better about it.

So they're "exploiting" it to death instead. Let's just switch the word around even though the ends are exactly the freaking same.

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Redempteur2995d ago

anything with usb and an eeprom works it seems

Fishy Fingers2995d ago

Ha, pretty clever use of hardware there. But in theory, it would work with anything that has flash memory and has some form of connection. Surprised people dont have it running off a homebrew PSP yet.

ndibu2995d ago

Next up, my electric toothbrush

Pistolero2995d ago

hahaha...bubbles for making me laugh.