Watch Kat from Halo Reach Get Down

Seems like Kat from Halo Reach really doesn't take herself too serious.

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Chaostar2813d ago

It's like an all singing all dancing metaphore for Microsoft's apparent tactic of dropping the core gamer for greener, casual pastures.

As funny as the video is, it makes me a little sad.

Blacktric2813d ago

A little warning for all of you:

"DON'T READ THE COMMENTS THAT ARE MARKED AS SPAM" They contain major spoilers about the game if they're true. So far there are only two. But be careful. Or better, just watch the embedded one here instead from the YouTube.

FACTUAL evidence2813d ago

*Spartan continues dancing* (3 mins later)
Radec-Didn't i kill "all" of you yet?......*Commands soldiers* Cut her off..

BannedForNineYears2813d ago

Chaostar speaks the truth. ~_~
A character from Reach dancing to Just Dance on the Kinect? Really? ~_~

Microsoft has disgraced hardcore gamers.

The BS Police2813d ago

Bungie joined in aswell, it's all in good fun.

BannedForNineYears2813d ago

Oh man......That looked so embarrassing.

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Wizziokid2813d ago

Kinect, even Spartans are doing it

aviator1892813d ago

Kat's going to be great in the campaign.


That music video is pretty guuuuud :D

Roozium2813d ago

The song is:

Kid Cudi - Up, Up & Away

Fanb0y2813d ago

But she was actually dancing to Gaga's Poker Face.


kevco332813d ago

There's naughty words in that song. Ow... my poor ears.

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The story is too old to be commented.