Sony: Gran Turismo 5 Looks State of the Art

Sony has insisted that the five year development cycle of Gran Turismo 5 will not entice criticism of the title, adding that the extra time taking to create it will ensure ‘it will look state of the art’.

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Chaostar2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

It's sad that gamers criticise developers for taking their time with projects but flame the balls off them when they release an unpolished glitchy game. In an ideal world every studio would take as much time and pride in their work as Polyphony but publisher deadlines and budgets are the reality.

It's good that at least a few studios have the kind of backing to create carefully constructed games as close as possible to their desired vision. These games must be supported or else we risk being left with only the yearly released, glitch filled, half-baked products that you see on the market sometimes (not mentioning any names).

By the look of it GT5 will be well worth the wait and I for one will be queuing day 1.

Trey_4_life2695d ago

Ofcourse it will look state of the art, this is polophony digital, get with it people, sheesh!

FishCake9T42695d ago

Well Sony are not going to say it looks sh1t are they.

raztad2695d ago

but it doesnt look sh!t, why would they?

boodybandit2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Sony will call GT5 exactly what it is:
Eyegasm - When one sees something at which they are overwhelmed with beauty that is extremely intense or a visual spectacle so amazing, it produces an overload of the brain via the eyes.

Acquiescence2695d ago

It's taking an age to develop, but once it's out there you know it'll live up to those lofty expectations.

Milky Joe2695d ago

Wow, that's a bit above the general standard of comment you find in this place xD

You couldn't be more correct.

tinybigman2695d ago

i have no problems with a studio taking their time it only means a more polished game for us. if you wanna see haters go over to gtplanet and read the comments of the haters that have come out in force to bash on the damage modeling. to me those people are sad, sad individuals.

hennessey862695d ago

I couldnt agree with you more, if more devs took a leaf out of polyphonys book we would be spoilt instead we are given half finished games that have to be updated or given dlc. I think gt5 should be goty without any doubt although halo reach is amazing and is packed with features. gt5 is without doubt the most polished game ever

ABizzel12694d ago

No one can really argue with them. GT5 is the best looking game on consoles. We all look at Killzone, Crysis, Rage, and more but GT5 takes the cake.

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Prcko2695d ago

This is game what you just MUST OWN!!!

HeroXIV2695d ago

This is it's rival, and this is *REPLAY* mode :

hennessey862695d ago

bring forza up in a gt thread its pathetic, and by the way until gt5 is actually released forza 3 is still the best driving game avalible

CrAnKiTuP_012695d ago

Are you serious??? XD

I just watched that video, and it LOOKED and SOUNDED like a PS2 game. Geez, it's incredible how you think THAT is competition for GT5.

hennessey862694d ago

i often wonder what its like to be a blind fanboy. If you look at my comment history you will see i have nothing but praise for gt5 but i also like forza 3 and at no point did i say it was better than gt5 but untill gt comes out forza is the best you can buy

Kishin2694d ago

Until GT5 comes out i'll keep playing GT5 Prologue and GT4 tyvm

callahan092694d ago

Wow. Forza 3 really doesn't even hold a candle to GT5 in terms of the graphics. I didn't realize how much prettier GT5 was until I just watched that replay and a GT5 gameplay video. Holy crap GT5 is immensely gorgeous.

hennessey862694d ago

but untill gt5 comes out forza 3 is the best driving game you can buy

Narutone662694d ago

looks better than that replay. Even in replay mode in that video, the cars look a little blocky.

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Why o why2695d ago

There probably wont be another GT this gen, thats how they're doing it. People moan about the yearly releases of games especially sports games and shooters so when so much effort is being sold to us in such a package you have to just give respect. The effort and man hours PD have put in is totally anal. Them guys must have dreams about optimisation and have nightmares about jaggies

jack_burt0n2695d ago

everyone young and old who has any kind of access to a ps3 will buy this game.

starchild2695d ago

I have a PS3 and I won't be buying it. I have nothing against it I just don't like racing sims that much.

Narutone662694d ago

who said that he has a 360 and won't be buying Halo, Gears or Fable.

Gilliand2694d ago

I still don't know if I want to buy it or not, so many other games are releasing around it. I think I'll get it for christmas.

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