Gamestop In For Gamestation After Competition Enquiry?

US giant could invade UK if GAME deal for Gamestation is reversed.

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Rowland4016d ago

Gamestation is sooo CRAP !
Their policy has always been to hire rude moronic acne-ridden teenagers that know jack-sh-t.


SuperSaiyan44016d ago

Although Gamestation still trade in and sell old classic consoles and games for which they are ideal for checking out for oldies however if Gamestop means exclusive stuff like faceplates and bits only the US gamestop gets then it would be cool!

I bought mass effect faceplate and skin pack from Gamestop USA i wont do that again as I got charged around £20 in import duties!

Daewoodrow4016d ago

I'm not sure how good this is. I'd rather have a US store move in than have GAME control 100% of the market, but then it's hard to tell who would screw us over the most.

Vip3r4016d ago

GAME usually have good deal on games like 2 for £15. But new games are usually £40+. Not sure what Gamestop are like though.

gunnerforlife4016d ago

dam its bad enough that my local blockbuster store takes over my local gamestation store but now a US games company tries to take over gamestation no thankx id rather they just leave gamestation on there own

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