GAME Store closures now a Reality

Boosty from DailyJoystick writes: "Following on from earlier reports over at Kotaku which reported that specialist games retailer GAME has laid off up to twenty people, including executives and was planning to close a number of stores may now indeed be a reality"

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fitpower3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Too much hassle.

Fishy Fingers3019d ago

More overheads mean higher prices. People are clued up these days, why pay more whn you can have it delievered on launch day (or before) for less.

Substance1013019d ago

Went steam 3 years back, havent bought a game from retail ever since. Aside the Starcraft 2 i bought last month.

DD is just more convienient and cheaper. Steam discounts are insane. got over 90 games on Steam now, and some more on other services. I got no idea where i would keep all those packagings had i bought hard copies. I would end up throwing them away due to lack of space.

WhittO3019d ago

Game are a total sh*te shop!

You can get the same games for like £20+ less from Amazon.

LoVeRSaMa3019d ago

The problem is, I can games games from either or for about £10 - £15 cheaper, I don't have to leave my house/work (or use my weekends to go shopping), if I pre order I get it a day early (normally) and standard delivery is 1 - 2 days max.

BeOneWithTheGun3019d ago

GameFly is the way to go. I spend $30 a month and have 3 games out at any given time. 1 360 game, 1 PS3 game and a what I call "tester game" (One that I am unsure of but want to try it out).

For PC gaming, Steam, obviously.

The only thing I buy at physical stores is the actual console. I buy them from Best Buy with the 2-year replacement plan. Anything goes wrong with the unit, I have a sealed, brand new one in about 30 minutes.

Scotracer3019d ago

Yeah, its certainly easy to say that and to be honest theres truth to your comment. Its a shame though as its always been fun to walk in a store to feel and touch and see the boxes, and covers of the games etc, online is good but sometimes can let you down.

JohnApocalypse3019d ago

I always prefer to go into a store and buy a videogame there then to buy it online

nackno3019d ago

I love to go to the store and actually hold the case before I pay for it. Standing in the line looking at the case and then running home to play instead of paying and waiting for a few days before it gets to me. It´s a ritual =)

Calm Down Sunshine3019d ago

I believe they're closing a few stores to cut down on their store overlap.

kasasensei3019d ago Show
ChronoJoe3019d ago

they fired just 20 members of staff? that's like one store...

Plus they own gamestation, it's probably something to do with gamestation being much more popular, and under there ownership. In Worcester, the town I'm in (y'know worcestershire sauce right) they have the gamestation, and game store right next to eachother, with the same products on sale. So redundant, to say the least.

Akagi3019d ago

Only thing these stores are good for is getting a rare gem. Like, for example, I got ALL Resident Evils on Gamecube for less than £20, and they were all sealed. Still got them, in fact.

ChronoJoe3019d ago

I prefer to deal with physical stores because for me it's faster.

For example say my PS3 breaks... I can walk up the road, and they'll swap it for a new one so long as it's under warranty with there store. If you ordered yours online... then you have to ship it out.

In the same way, if you simply DONT LIKE, a game, bought new or used, gamestation will let you return it for full credit, and you can then get another game. You can do this up to 2 times on one purchase.

iamgoatman3019d ago

My nearest Game is in Hereford, and theres a Gamestation on the other side of the street.

I generally prefer the Game store because of their 2 for £10 deals on older games, plus the staff tend to leave you alone. Although the staff at Gamestation seem more like actual gamers, they're so stuck up it's quite off putting.

But still, having 2 outlets in one place has it's advantages, sometimes you can pick up a used game a lot cheaper from one than other, normally because a trainee has gone mad with a pricing gun.

ian723019d ago

Where I live (Barnsley, South Yorkshire) we have a GAME and Gamestation only 100 yards/meters apart from each other. I only buy used games from those shops. My new games come from big supermarkets like Asda and Tesco, I can get new games from there for a lot cheaper. Tesco are now doing used games so I'll probably never go to those game shops again. Not suprised they are shutting those shops due to the high price of new games.

iamgoatman3019d ago

The problem is that GAME and Gamestation or any brick and mortar store have to pay rent etc which in turn keeps the prices of games high, and now that super markets know certain games can be big sellers, they can afford to considerably undercut other retailers so people buy there instead.

Just look at when MW2 released, GAME was selling it for around £45 on launch day, whereas the likes of Tescos or Morrisons were selling it for as little as £26, and as a result the game was selling out very quickly.

bigrob1233019d ago

prefer going to gamestation than game, allways have better deals on 2nd hand games

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