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Bungie: Microsoft deserves respect

Microsoft’s most valuable development studio is leaving the company with a positive parting message. (Bungie, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

xYLeinen  +   1727d ago
After seing Don Mattrick in an interview with GT they aren't getting any respect from me. Never seen a more arrogant front person of a company. Sure Sony got some arrogant people but they have calmed themselves this generation, but Don Mattrick takes the cake.
goldensfree  +   1727d ago
links if you would pls
love laughing at super rich douchbags XD

Still no matter i got mad love for Halo n do hope Bungie can pull off even better now...
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Conloles  +   1727d ago
Microsoft deserve respect for creating the best gaming platform of all time ....

The PC!
Acquiescence  +   1727d ago
Good folk of N4G, I present to you...

The gaming site equivalent of a broken record.

@el zorro

I'm no fanboy dude. It's just that I own a PS3, 360, PC AND Wii, so I'm in a perfect position to state which gaming platform I think is the best. Plus it's worth noting that I got a 360 two years before I got a PS3.
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el zorro  +   1727d ago
As if you PS3 fanboys aren't a major broken record. You guys repeat the same nonsense over and over and over and over....
OneSneakyMofo  +   1727d ago
Conloles, Microsoft didn't invent the PC. It's so sad to see an ignorant fanboy defend his platform of choice and not even known the history behind it.
darkmurder  +   1727d ago
I never said they invented it, I said that they deserve respect for creating the greatest gaming platform of all time. As far as I can tell nowhere in that sentence did I say Microsoft invented the PC, they just perfected the PC into the ultimate machine it is for games today.

I tell you PS3 fanboys look for anything to attack you on seeing as they have no substance considering their inferior platform has no benefits over PC.
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beardpapa  +   1727d ago
"darkmurder + 5m ago
I never said they invented it, I said that they deserve respect for creating the greatest gaming platform of all time. As far as I can tell nowhere in that sentence did I say Microsoft invented the PC, they just perfected the PC into the ultimate machine it is for games today.

I tell you PS3 fanboys look for anything to attack you on seeing as they have no substance considering their inferior platform has no benefits over PC."

multiple account confirmed! lol
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PS3OnlyDoesEvrything   1727d ago | Spam
Lou-Cipher  +   1727d ago
Yep, He definetly just got caught.
kerrak  +   1727d ago
Nice catch beardpapa. I can't wait to read his "explanations" lol lol conloles
PS3OnlyDoesEvrything   1727d ago | Spam
lelo2play  +   1727d ago
The best gaming platform is not the PC... it's Windows with DirectX :)
CernaML  +   1727d ago
Oh man, darkmurder just failed BIG TIME.
mercsfan  +   1727d ago
Lol idiots, I can write in first person and act like somebody else too!
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T9X69  +   1727d ago
All fanboy shit aside, I think we can all agree as gamers Bobby Kotick takes the cake.
JohnApocalypse  +   1727d ago
Couldn't agree with you more mate
DaBadGuy  +   1727d ago
Oh god no doubt. People bitch about paying for Live but Kotick could make you pay on both consoles to play CoD online. And people will too. people will. I feel nervous about Bungie being in his hands now. I hope to god they are handled properly, but seeing Infinity Ward, anything can happen. Kotick is no better than the gum that I swallowed in 1998 that will stick in my bowels until the day I die.
Acquiescence  +   1727d ago
Sony believed their own hype at the PS3's launch...
they got, as you say arrogant, and they suffered for it. But now they've straightened themselves out, become more humbled and have built up a catalogue of superb exclusives over the years and an excellent (plus free!) online service to make the PS3 the essential current-gen console (in my opinion of course). Right now I see Sony as the good guys, a reliable bunch.

Microsoft, especially at this point in time, do not deserve one iota of respect. They're starting to emulate Activision's business approach, which boils down to "HOW CAN WE SQUEEZE OUT MORE MONEEEEEEEEY FROM THIS PRODUCT!?!!?"
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goldensfree  +   1727d ago
yeh i still lol @ that
the next generation starts when we say it does... pure gold
still bought a ps3 in the end the games got me.
when i started playing warhawk i realized how much better psn was really for games. then resistance2 kz2 socom mag its a struggle keeping up. Missed a few games on the 360 tho aside from reach ill wait for them to hit the bin.

edit just fixed my comment not dissing on the 360 just not a lot of games i wanted since i got it at launch. Halo3 was fun for a while but between the lag cheats n everpresent grieffers (tho clan battles n playing with friend is epic fun) gears and 2 was broken from the start online(yeh 2 is a bit better now) cod was ok tho same as halo minus a bit of lag.
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RedDead  +   1727d ago
I absolutely despised sony after the Ps3 was first release, I honestly believed the hype and does anyone remember the motostorm CG trailer to the actual game? They were worlds apart. It was more my fault because I thought those games were ingame and what the games would actually look like. They were showing the consoles hardware off with Cg video's . WtF sony?

It took up until 2008 till they got a game as good as Halo 3 or Gears 1. Atleast they have loads better than those 2(imo) now and they got their act together with Psn. MS might take another gen before they realise people see them as the "bad guys" of the gaming industry. Sony pretend they don't care about MS and barely mention the opposition. MS try and push it that they're "better" than Sony because they have sold more units.

I mean remember the last E3... all I saw was "we're sorry for having such a shitty conferance so here's some free 360's :), now clap so the world can see how generous we are. No don't stop, keep claping"
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lynch  +   1727d ago
man i payed around 750 euro to get set up with the ps3 at launch,(witch would be about $1000 usd)man was i "GUTTED"
Denethor_II  +   1727d ago
I agree, but with that arrogance came the best console on the market. Without that arrogance maybe we would all still have DVD players as our entertainment hub.
dredgewalker  +   1727d ago
Funny thing about Conloles that even if he has other accounts he still gets one bubble to reply and has to login and out just for that. Why can't people just take care of one account. Anyway that's professionalism if you depart with good words to your employer.
JLeVRT  +   1727d ago
MS doesnt deserve any for increasing the price of live for no reason... AND THEY STILL DONT HAVE AN INTERNET BROSWER!
N4GAddict  +   1727d ago
Can't wait to see Bungie's new franchise
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1727d ago
We already know that they can make a shooter so I hope it's not a FPS.

Let's see what other kinds of games they can make.
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ZombieAutopsy  +   1727d ago
It'll most likely be a FPS, they signed with Activision after all and they don't seem to like much else unless it's licensed material. I'm hoping to get an RPG out of them though as I think they could do wonders with one.
KiRBY3000  +   1727d ago
i would be really surprised if Bungie's new IP is something else than an FPS.
nsnsmj  +   1727d ago
Same here. I hope it's not a shooter. At least not an FPS. Third-person would be cool, but it is still a shooter. A Bungie Action RPG would make me very happy.
RedDead  +   1727d ago
I would but every E3 the seem so arrogant. And I really dislike this guy http://assets.vg247.com/cur...
The one on the right. He just seems like he thinks he's the man and his console is the best shit on the street
LeeRoyJenkins  +   1727d ago
Yes, I agree Bungie. Microsoft does deserve their respect, as the number one console for true gamers this generation. Well played Bungie always show respect to the people that made you.
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RedDragan  +   1727d ago
Win 3.1 - Good
Win 95 - Sh1t
Win 98 - Sh1t
Win 2000 - Ultra Sh1t
Win ME - Ultra Ultra Sh1t
Win XP - Ok
Win Vista - Ultra Ultra Ultra Sh1t
Win 7 - Good
Xbox - 2x bigger than NES
Xbox 360 - Breaks

Why on earth should I give microsoft any sort of respect?
Oner  +   1727d ago
I agree with you on most accounts but Windows 2000 was definitely not crappy. It was the first real stable OS MS ever came out with. But either way MS should not get any sort of respect knowing how they were founded, what they have continued to do over the years & to top it all off how they got/get away with the continual problems that 360's have.
lonix  +   1727d ago
Bungie made themselves
Microsoft just came along for the ride
KiRBY3000  +   1727d ago
3 teenagers agreed with LeeRoy so far.
Fishy Fingers  +   1727d ago
Well there both owe each other a lot. Since they forged (pun) their relationship bungie have become one of the biggest developers in the world and their games allowed MS to become a major player in the console market. It could of been very different had the not crossed paths.
CBaoth  +   1727d ago
Just too bad MS didn't treat the rest of their studios with the same amount of respect.
jack_burt0n  +   1727d ago
ppl should read the whole piece lol

”The way that we build games, the way that the team works, means that being in that oppressive Microsoft office was not conducive to the type of work that we do. I do believe that we felt like we wouldn’t be able to do good work there – maybe we would have died a little bit inside had we not been set free into our own studio.”

all respect to bungie for looking after their fans and staying true to themselves.
xg-ei8ht  +   1727d ago
Not sure about ms getting respect.

But i also don't think SONY were arrogant either, i actually think SONY were Proud of what they'd built with the PS3, they expected people to buy for the high price, considering what it cost them to build, does not surprise me tbh.
DARK WITNESS  +   1727d ago
being proud is one thing...

but I remember comments like "We have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000 that the first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even if it didn't have games,"

now there is an element of truth to the statement when he says they have built up a brand that people believe in and will support... when then to go on and say that people will buy it no matter what it is, even if it didn't have games. I am sorry thats as arrogant as they come.

it's like me saying thanks for buying all the great stuff from me in the past. I am now going to sell you a bag of dog poo and you are going to buy it because you are mindless sheep who will support me forever.

The good thing is that gamers proved they were not sheep when thy didn't get two jobs to buy a ps3, or just buy one for buying sake without any games. I really didn't like the attitude they started out with, but Soney they got the message and has really pushed things to a new level.

MS on the other hand has now switched places with them. they are now the ones setting themselves up for the big fall the way they are going.

I respect Sony a lot for the way they turned around their image from the start of this gen. MS is going the way of Nin in my eyes and they are loosing my support along the way, but I don't think they care. That's the difference. Sony cared enough, MS on the other hand.
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JohnApocalypse  +   1727d ago
The only person I hate in the gaming industry is Bobby Kotick (and maybe that chick from Nintendo's press conferences)
ZombieAutopsy  +   1727d ago
Oh god I hated the chick from the NiN press conference, she had no energy no enthusiasm and made the whole conference blow.
hatchimatchi  +   1727d ago
Microsoft is a joke. I have an orignal xbox and a 360 but I rarely show them my support. The 360 is a complete mess from a hardware point (reliability) and they over price all their peripherals. Timed exclusives, timed dlc, charging for an online service and then cluttering it with ads. That is just bad business imo.

Look at the games for the 360 and microsoft as 2 seperate entities, yes the 360 has some awesome games but microsoft is not doing anyone any favors when it comes to gaming as a whole. I really hope kinect bombs hard so they have a nice piece of humble pie. It's happened to all the players so far, SEGA (they never recovered), Nintendo with the N64, Sony with the PS3 and hopefully Microsoft with Kinect.

Tripping and falling on your face with everyone pointing and laughing at you can be a good thing sometimes.
DaBadGuy  +   1727d ago
.....the ads for the Guild with Felicia Day are ok....I like some Felicia Day....and what do you mean Nintendo with the N64, don't you mean Nintendo with the Gamecube? Back in the day I couldn't throw a dead mouse without hitting someone who owned an N64. I owned one too. And with one of the best libraries including Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Pokemon Stadium, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Duke Nukem 64, Perfect Dark, and so many more, it's one of the best consoles ever. The Gamecube however...
hatchimatchi  +   1727d ago
Yea, the N64 was a good system but that was the gen when Nintendo lost dominance within the games industry and it was mainly due to the arrogance of Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Everyone talks about how Ken Kutaragi was so arrogant and whatnot, (don't get me wrong, he was) but people forget that Yamauchi San basically did the same thing with the release of the N64. He didn't think cd based gaming would take off at all and Nintendo stuck with a format that was more expensive, harder to develop for, launched a year later than everyone else, etc....Are you seeing a pattern here?

It was pretty much what happened to Sony this gen, only Nintendo has always been self aware enough to make sure they make a profit before anything else. I don't think they've ever been in the red.
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Doc Sony  +   1727d ago
Nah man IMO they deserve to go bankrupt real quick.
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bjornbear  +   1727d ago
Bungie: Microsoft deserves respect
no sh!t, they supported you for 10 years.

on other news:

Hoe: Pimp deserves respect.
OneSneakyMofo  +   1727d ago
Difference between Microsoft then and Microsoft now is they dump money into uninspiring technologies instead of fresh, innovative first-party studios. From the article, they gave Bungie their own building apart from the other developers there. Do you think Microsoft of today would do that? No. Know why? They've already got a foothold in the door. Back then, they were desperately looking for first-party studios to launch their console. They just happened to find the needle in the haystack. If they still stuck with this philosophy of looking for the golden geese of today's world, I'm sure my 360 would still be alive, and that my library would be twice to thrice as full. Instead, they saw a quick money grabber, released a faulty console a year too soon, and have let first party studios loose.

No respect from me.
hennessey86  +   1727d ago
in most part i can agree
but to say the xbox 360 is dead when you have halo reach coming out in just over a week is obsurd, plus there are plenty of great multiplats coming out and in my opinion its the multiplats which keep the consoles afloat. Exclusives are few and far between. In the next gen i dont think there will be half the exculsives there are in this gen. The amount its going to cost to make games next gen will force devellopers to go multi.
The real killer  +   1727d ago
With all respect, Microsoft don't deserve our respect from us as gamers.
Microsoft let people paid for broken consoles,piad for online, downgrade other games from other versions, paid allot of devellopers/paid the reviewers for their biggest hopes Halo,they talk to much about their crappy 360 and many more.

And they reley on one game.............HALO......... ........HALO.................a nd HALO.


They admit little boy, don't you read news?

Gears/Fable/Forza and Crackdown are not the 360 top games like Halo always did
360 owners don't have the luxery to choose a genre what the PS3 owners does.

So, cry somewhere else little boy.
#13 (Edited 1727d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
hennessey86  +   1727d ago
So gears, forza, fable, crackdown, pgr, dead or alive, etc none of these games matterd, dont be a clown
hoops  +   1727d ago
Real Killer you dont even OWN a Xbox360 so why are you commenting on it in EVERY thread on N4G.COM? This is why you only have 1 bubble.
dtrain21  +   1727d ago
Microsoft has my respect. They went toe to toe and took a risk with $ony and took a chunk of $ony's share of gamers. They are currently beating them in hardware and software. Established a great XBL experience. $ony fanboys don't like that and you always see the hate here on N4G.
hennessey86  +   1727d ago
totally agreed
I have a ps3 and i love the games but the 360 is my main console for the simple reason XBOXLIVE.
Sez  +   1727d ago
I agree with your post. I have no real issues with MS unlike most of the comments in this thread. The only issues I do have is with them raising the price if live without adding something new to justify the price hike. I love my 360 and the games it has for the system. I love live as it keeps me in contact with my friends and it makes online play that much more enjoyable. It is by far my most played system this gen next to my gaming pc.
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Denethor_II  +   1727d ago
If they never make another Halo game again it would be to soon.
kasasensei  +   1727d ago
"Bungie: Microsoft deserves respect"

I respect you Bungie, but NO. And, if they deserve so much respect, why are you leaving? Non-sense....
palaeomerus  +   1726d ago
You don't respect Bungie. They were there and you weren't and yet you are calling Bungie liars. Clearly you have no respect for Bungie.
AverageBOT   1727d ago | Spam
Turbine27   1727d ago | Spam
N4OGs  +   1727d ago
Fable is not exclusive. fable 3 is gonna be on the pc.

forza is crap. No use even having that game becuase gt5 is 100 times better. dead or alive next game is multiplat.

Crackdown lmfao that game sucks bro. Go look at the sequal for even more suckage.

That leaves you with halo which is played out already and still is the worse looking big budget shooter out there. How does a multiplat COD stomp all over an exclusive graphically?

You also got gears as well.
Thats 2 games that are actual exclusives and even those games have the 1st game in the series on pc..

Microsoft doesnt deserve any respect untill they get some more exclusives that can only be played on the x360.

M$ ripped yall off big time lol. 300 bucks to get a console that doesnt even have blueray and only allows you to play half a game unless you pay the extra 60 a year for XBL.

I guess thats why they call it Xbox 360 $300+$60= x360 lol. And you still dont got blueray, web browser, best console hardware, best games, waggle that works, or a variety of games.
palaeomerus  +   1726d ago
So if you have some rather stupid and ignorant fanboy opinions about games that means that people were ripped off? LOL.
DFresh  +   1727d ago
I'll give some respect for being a worthy competitor to Nintendo and Sony but their business practices of screwing over their consumers I don't support them for that.

Before the Xbox 360 Slim even came out you had to buy a Wi-fi adapter, very limited to what accessories you could use on Xbox 360, battery packs on a next gen console is a fail, Not all Xbox 360 consoles supported HDMI some had component, XBL cost $50/year, and it was very unreliable.

Now that Xbox 360 Slim is out now many things have been improved from a hardware perspective but XBL has gone up to $60/year for the same service w/ worthless additions I can get elsewhere for free.
Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Last.FM, ESPN, Hulu, etc.
(All of which can be viewed on any web browser.)

Microsoft still isn't investing in the right things or giving what the gamers want.
-Zune HD
(Zune is the failed experiment of competing w/ the iPhone.)

(Nobody are gonna spend $150 for a camera whether hardcore or casual.)

-3rd Party Exclusives.
(Why not invest in more 1st party developers? Look at what's happening w/ 3rd party developers 99% of them are going multiplatform.)


But being serious now these are the reasons why I haven't invested in an Xbox 360 yet.

If Microsoft offered me some 1st party studios that can release some real good exclusives on a consistent basis and offered some variety w/ their games besides shooter games then I might be interested.

Like I said I have every gaming platform this gen but an Xbox 360.
ex.) PS3, Wii, PC, PSP, DS, iPhone, etc.

I'm not a fan boy I just don't want to invest in something where I'm not sure where that console is going from a long term perspective.

But yeah if people like Xbox 360 and want to play their games and pay for XBL then good for them.
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palaeomerus  +   1726d ago
I never bought a Wifi adaptor. I used an old wireless bridge and across over ethernet. Then I just wired up the ethernet directly to the hub. Both worked just fine.

I never bought Xbox Live.

Zune has dick to do with MS/360 which is what the article is about. And Zune competed with iPod not iPhone.

Kinnect is not settled yet. I don't want it, but then I predicted that Wii would fail and it tore the gaming market a new one.

3rd party exclusives don't matter five years into a game console's life with a 40 Million install base. I'm not even sure that most 1st party exclusives matter much. Most sell around 2 million if successful and less if not. Other than the anomalous mega-hits like the halo's, gears, and GT's who even cares about exclusives in terms of being a successful audience building corporate policy?

Nintendo maybe? A New Super MArio Bro.s Wii seems to easily be worth three or four Fables or Mod Nation Racers by itself.
NintendoForever  +   1727d ago
the only people i respect are
sony's ps3 and nintendo's wii dsi and 3DS MS lost my respect 3 years ago when they started to go down hill to me the only good platforms out there are sonys and nintendo's platform.
earbus  +   1727d ago
They are not people they are companies.
GeoramA  +   1727d ago
No thanks.

I'm too busy respecting Sony and their amazing first-party studios instead.
CaptainAmerica  +   1726d ago
Do you like to respect them when no ones home and your all alone? ;)
JohnSimpleTon  +   1727d ago
Yes they deserve respect, only a fanboy would deny this fact.
The sheer number of individuals voicing there misplaced opinions about MS's oh so evil deeds, which is completely separate btw from Bungie's own personal experience with MS from a financial and business perspective speaks wonders about the general population of NG4.

Microsoft deserves as much respect as the next company, along with just as my critisms for there mistakes (as the next company). To say that any one company is above the other when it comes to morals is incredibly naive, they're all in it to make money, they just have different methods of doing so.

The fact is that they came into this game without a hope of being successful according to critics, got their asses handed to them during the last generation and learned from those mistakes only to find themselves ahead of a company that dealt them a powerful first blow.

They brought a solid online infrastructure to console market to differentiate themselves that was eventually emulated (and which ultimately changed the way we interact), attracted a more western appeal to the market (which ultimately brought excellent devs like Bioware to the console atmosphere), and standardized some pretty useful hardware additions like the Hard Drive standard, which pretty much defines a good portion of the PS3's and 360's functionality.

To say they don't deserve any respect due to the faults of this gen is completely ridiculous. I might as well say the same thing about Sony due to the PS3's entry price point, or the PS2's well recorded hardware faults during launch.

Remember, you don't have to like someone to necessarily respect them.
Clarence  +   1727d ago
No bungie deserves respect. MS denied any wrong doing when the 360 started getting RROD. It wasn't until that report came out that MS owned up to it.
tiamat5  +   1727d ago
Respect is earned. Don't tell us to respect Microsoft. Let Microsoft earn respect. Besides what do they know about respect. They constantly put down their competition and predict their failure. Sony and Nintendo have respect for each other. Microsoft has none.They respected Bungie because you are one of the few companies that felt sorry enough to stick with you during the original Xbox while just about every other developer was ignoring you.
palaeomerus  +   1727d ago
Respect is not earned from hostile whiny fanboy bitches though. They only live to hate and to make fools of themselves. All the respect is the object of their own stupid fetish and they respect it no matter what. Thus they are not capable of giving respect in any valid sense. They are ignorant slaves to their own obsessions and can only repeat their delusional canned lines over and over again like mindless automatons or brainwashed idiots.

Respect IS earned from normal objective calm rational people who observe "things" deserving of respect from a close perspective.

Like Bungie.

They report, and you STFU.
#25.1 (Edited 1726d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JohnSimpleTon  +   1727d ago
Respect is earned as long as its Sony?
I, along with others outside of this site have stated perfectly logical reasons why they earn that respect, if you choose to ignore those said reasons then that is your democratic choice, but you can't ignore the facts.

Also, Sony and Nintendo have as much respect for each other as Sega and Nintendo had during the "Nintendont" days, did you completely forget the N64 - PS1 era? or the PSP vs DS discussions between the two? Give me a break, realize that this is a business and stop being naive and frozen in the present. Also for your much needed information, Bungie had quite a big reputation before MS came along after showing the first revelation of Halo to the PC crowd, which is reason for the uproar that was caused when they decided to join MS.

Microsoft saw an opportunity just like Sony did during their first party round ups of the late 90's and picked them up. I really hope you don't represent the general N4G population, because stating non factual opinions as fact seems all too common around here.
IK IR Y IP T  +   1727d ago
ps3 sucks somebody please buy mine comes with 6 games 2 controllers and a mic only 300 bucks http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBay...

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