Halo: Reach Credits to Be Reset at Launch

Bungie plans to do a reset of Halo: Reach's point system come launch.

Between illegal downloads, and the inevitable leaks from retail chains, Bungie reckons that a fair few people now have the game earlier than they would like.

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Wizziokid2993d ago

Good idea, let every one start at the same time.

N4GAddict2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Why is the server up to begin with?

Wizziokid2993d ago

I think it will be for the reviewers

pixelsword2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Reviews should get an individual review code, and if they give it out, it actually just works on a 360 once, so if it pops-up on another 360, the original 360 will never be able to use it again.

Kurt Russell2993d ago

Or... They could just reset everything on the 14th :/

Fishy Fingers2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Exactly, while the codes and what not would be a pretty good idea, it's just simpler to reset the scores/points/whatever.

TrevorPhillips2993d ago

Play the game early and this what happens. I means seriously couldn't you idiots just wait less than a month.

N4GAddict2993d ago

Its actually one week now

T9X692993d ago

@Agent-X - Its easy for you to say wait until it comes out, when you have no choice but to wait. I on the other hand am lucky enough to have a mom and pop store on my block. So look at from my point of view. I plan on buying the game regardless of the retailer, and store X has it now, so why would I wait until next week to buy it from Gamestop if I have it available for purchase now? If Walmart is having a sale next week on Halo Reach for $49.99 but Best Buy has it on sale now for $49.99 are you going to wait a week? Hell no you're not.

There's no point in buying something at a later date that you plan on purchasing anyway, if its available to you now. Halo isn't an online only game, if I went out and bought tomorrow, I could play single player or firefight or even mess around in forge mode until the game releases.

Don't be mad at people who can legitimately buy it early, if you're going to be mad at anyone, be mad at the pirates who steal the game WAY before its even shipped to retailers.

Dorwrath2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Anyone want a copy of Halo Reach early

There you go, legit early release. People with more money than sense if you ask me. $520.00 for a copy of the game.

I'm buying the game myself, but jeez $520.00 for it. Hell no

Bobbykotickrulesz2993d ago

A game worth twice as much as the console you're playing it on?

Count me in!

ZombieAutopsy2993d ago

Sad thing is the guy selling it prolly owns his own Game store and has around 50 copies setting in a box so he decides to try and screw someone.

lowcarb2993d ago

520? That's just wrong. I wonder if many people actually do this instead of just waiting a measly week or two.

Gam3s4lif32993d ago

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO can't wait for this game..first thing im gonna do is go on REFLECTION...then forge world, finally start the campaign and occasionally go on firefight...
gonna be SWEET

GodGinrai2993d ago

im gonna do firefight first so i can get some creds to unlock some armour then team slayer/headhunter to get even more creds..then when my spartan looks right ill play story mode...and look flossy in the cut scenes.

got my legenday pre ordered and im trading in my current 360 for the reach edition. cant wait :)

blodulv2993d ago

I gotta go campaign first out of habit... really inclined to start unlocking armor upgrades upon launch though.

RockmanII72993d ago

I will start off with campaign, then after a level or two see what my friends are doing and join whoever is in Forge.

@Blodulv Campaign does earn you credits

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