New Fable III Screenshots Revealed

Continuing the constant drip-feed of new screenshots for Fable III, Lionhead Studios has revealed four new images. Set to be available late next month, Fable III is one of the most highly anticipated Xbox 360 releases this year, and will be followed shortly after by a Games for Windows – LIVE version of the game.

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kevco332997d ago

God... damn... getting WAY too hyped for this now!!!

Bobbykotickrulesz2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Uh oh. Peter strikes again!

You better bring your expectations down about 10 levels or you'll be severely disappointed.

Farsendor12997d ago

looks good hope pc version uses dx11

Rowland2997d ago

Cartoony and goofy as ever - great if you're a kid or teenager, not so if you're an adult/serious gamer. Horses for courses I guess.

The Fable series is cartoony, goofy, linear, and has shallow RPG gameplay mechanics - disappointing RPG's that would be right at home on the Wii.

Why peter molyneux has gone down the casual/young gamer route after promising and failing to deliver an adult RPG masterpiece is a complete mystery as he & Lionhead Studios are undoubtedly very talented and capable of doing so. And why not produce both versions come to think of it?

Of course financial success has been forthcoming but then that's the case with many disappointing games such as movie tie-ins and mediocre FPS's. What a wasted opportunity to be great and what a huge let down for adult gaming.

Substance1012997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

You wanna play a real RPG which isnt linear like the stuff being sold on conosles these days. Try Witcher, now thats a real RPG, add in some mods and it becomes one of the best looking RPGs out there.

I am currently playing Risen, which so far has been awesome. Playing it on my eyefinity(3 screens for superwide view) setup so thats another bonus ;-)

Rowland2997d ago

Sounds like you've got a great PC set-up ! and good shout - I'm going to play both Witchers as soon as I've decided what Gaming PC to go for. I've played Risen on the 360 which I really enjoyed despite the poor write-ups.

Looking forward to Two Worlds Two in a couple of weeks then Fallout NV & Arcania 4 in Oct.

Substance1012997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Its a good setup:

I7 920 OC'd to 3.7ghz
5870 eyefinity 6 edition in CF (each gpu has 2 gigs of ram) this is a bit extreme, since i want to be able to play at 4x AA when playing on resolutions like 5760*1080p thats where the 2 gigs come in handy.

For single screen gaming even a 5770 will run 95% of todays games in 1080p.

Witcher is one RPG you really dont want to miss, specially download the hi res texture mods when you do play it.

Risen is a different experience on the PC, Since it looks like a different game on the PC. Also the controls are better suited to mouse and keyboard. I would recommend another reply on PC once you get a gaming PC.

Cant wait on Arcania 4 and witcher 2. Next few months are packed with great RPGS :)

tudors2997d ago

I really like the fable games but I also can see your point too, there are not enough memorable moments, the graphics are not a problem IMO I like the look, the gameply is definatly very good but it could be better, lets put it this way, give Ocarina of time a bit of HD polish and it's still the better game, but Fable 3 could be the one to change our minds.