Gran Turismo 5 hands-on preview -

BeefJack: "It’s a game that not only promises to be the most comprehensive driving sim around, but should also serve as an perfect example of how to smartly employ the use of 3D in a game. It almost makes me want to shell out for a 3D TV this Christmas."

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N4GAddict2995d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will be a big system seller for the PS3.

goldensfree2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

no doubt people are already lining up to buy this
never has a better racing sim ever existed
epic how much they put on one disk even if it is blue ray.

bubs all round for all the Grand Turismo fans!!!

Hoje03082995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

"The regular delays and gradual increase in features have given the next entry in the seminal driving sim series an Everest of expectations for when it finally releases this November – if it makes that release date, of course."

These so-called journalists need to get their facts straight. The game was delayed once in Japan, everything else was rumor and speculation. It's not their fault retailers and "journalists" jumped the gun to get the hype train rolling.

On topic: Can't wait for this game!!!

Edit: Corrected a spelling error. Yes, I have OCD.

Punknoodle2995d ago

Hate to be a stickler but the 1000 cars will not be “perfect digital representations, inside and out”, infact only just over 200 will be the “premium” models that have the much higher detailed exterior and cockpit, whereas the other 800 or so “standard” models are simply HD versions of the cars from GT4 – not as highly detailed and no cockpit view. Not only this, but the full damage and headlight effects will only be on the “premium” cars.

Don’t get me wrong, the game will still be epic, and I do believe PD has done really well to get the 200 premium cars they do have in the game.

A quick visit to the official blogs from either PD or Sony will explain the details.

Hoje03082995d ago

I agree, the author of the article seems to have no clue about either GT or motorsport in general.

Gran Touring2995d ago

Headlights and damage are for all cars, with premiums having high-beams, turn signals, and the ability to lose panels and doors. But it's the physics that really counts, and for me at least, that's where GT will shine brightest.

btk2994d ago

You do realize that even the "standard cars" are way better than any representation of any other racing game.