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After one pre-rendered trailer, 135 developers, 40 million dollars, and a typhoon of internet abuse, Guerrilla has finally done it - they've proven to the world that Killzone on PlayStation 3 not only exists in playable form, but looks just as good as the "target footage" shown at E3 2005. At an exclusive unveiling in Los Angeles, Games Radar were treated to a live 30-minute demo of the game in action, with director Mathijs De Jonge and producer Steven Ter Heide playing a level in real-time, with a Sixaxis, on PS3.

It's instantly clear how different Killzone 2 is from most other first-person shooters. Not in terms of concept or gameplay, but in that it's so robust and dynamic. Surfaces shatter and crumble when your bullets hit them, characters move realistically through the environment with weighty animations and the levels are densely packed with detail and spot effects like power lines wobbling in the wind. While a lot of the set-pieces in Resistance and Call of Duty 3 were amazing, it felt like more like you were a spectator rather than actually taking part. Killzone 2 changes all of this.

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krackchap4051d ago

*waits for xbots to enter and post*
1)the first killzone game was so bad
2)its not about graphics its about gameplay

iceice1234051d ago

You'd rather have a game with good graphics than great gameplay? That's nice for you but not the majority.

Violater4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

You didn't have to wait long.

And like MotherH the lead tester said, every time the budget for this game is mentioned it goes up.

Bathyj4051d ago

Lucky for us Icewake, we dont have to choose. We can have both. What a concept.

BIadestarX4051d ago

Well Guerrilla done it... Kudos for them. It still does not look like or play like the E3 Video that the Sony rep said was actual gameplay footable... but then again that was not their fault. Never the less the game look fantanstic and better than many people expected.
Sadly this is what every game on the PS3 should look like. But now that Sony developers reach this level of greatness in game... and we though that gears is the best that can ever be accomplish on the xbox 360... what happened? Bioshock, Mass Effect and COD4 happened... Even if you hate the xbox 360 you should take a look at Bioshock... graphis are multiple times better than Gears.... Now that's the game to beat... not gears. Once again... you were also wrong when you though that the PS3 would render the xbox 360 obsolete... it seems as if both consoles still have a lots of miles to go... and the xbox 360 is always one step ahead due to the experience developers have developing on it. Most people hoped that Kill Zone 2 would take Gears title as the best looking game on console... but it seems that Bioshock will be the one to do that.

DJ4051d ago

“Killzone 2 looks better than every other PS3 title, and basically blows the 360 out of the water, so I’m going to sit here and pretend that the game doesn’t live up to the Concept Trailer from two years back. How will I do that? Simple! I’ll just waddle in my denial and claim that Gears of War is superior to Killzone in both graphics and gameplay; it’s the only argument I can possibly make, and not a very good one at that.”

Bonsai12144051d ago

while i haven't played bioshock yet, most reviewers seem to be saying that while the graphics of it are really good, gears still looks better. but its more the atmosphere that bioshock formulates that makes it so good.

but yeah, this game is shaping up to be amazing. i want to see that demo level.. gah!

The Wood4051d ago

bioshock is no way better than gears. Stop talking quaff. I prefer the look, colours and general atmosphere in bioshock from what ive played but theres nothing technically better with the visuals on bio than gears on the 360. Ill also judge kz2 when its finished not from what we've seen already. Id also like to say well done for showing some love (although bittersweet) for this ps3 game. I know it can be hard for (u know whats)

MikeGdaGod4051d ago

why do yall even try to explain yourselves to someone like bladestar?

he will say whatever to downplay the ps3 and its games. f*ck em. no need to argue or explain things. let these lames say whatever they want about the games. thats one of the reasons i stopped posting news and try to just read news without the comments. people will say whatever just to get a reaction. let em talk that sh!t, i betcha they'll be getting a ps3 sooner or later, no doubt.

f*ck em, thats my new model of thinking when dealin with fanboys.

reaferfore204050d ago

Gears of War, Bioshock, Mass Effect and COD4.
Three of these games use the same exact engine. Unreal 3 hasn't even come out yet and it should be the best looking one out of them all... I mean it's not like it's called the UNREAL engine or anything.

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NoiseBringer4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Yep that is a good news about PS3 hardwer potential, but there is a nother side of a medal.. look how much it cost and how many developers work on that...
sony better make a better tools because small game developers cant do games like Guerilla from finance point of view...
I love PS its only console that i probably will buy but if 40milion and 135 developers are needed to game be good, you are in serius trouble.... :-/

EDIT: All i wanted is to point out LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO MADDEN 08, its turn out bad compare to the 360 because EA(noobs) didnt want to spend a little extra money to game run and look better...

Captain Tuttle4051d ago

Good post. The game looks great but $40 million (so far) great? Unless Sony is going to sell the game engine it's not a good sign.

Hatchetforce4051d ago

You are looking at the small picture. Seriously. First of all major games have huge multi-million dollar budgets.

Second, part of the 40 mil budget was the cost of building Guerrilla from a small company into a major production facility. It isn't just 40 million in the game but rather a host of other items.

The game is a system seller. Period.

Killzone 2 is set to be the new bar in engineering for any game. The R&D and the accomplishements Guerrilla has managed will pay dividends for years to come on the PS3.

Captain Tuttle4051d ago

About building Guerilla but are they working on any other games? 140 people seems like alot to be developing 1 single game. That's why I wonder if they're going to market the game engine as well. Seems like it would be a smart move.

pilotpistolpete4051d ago

I'm positive that that 40 mil isn't just for this game alone. Hands down, the lighting is the most impressive and innovative things. No doubt Guerrila will share this technology to future game. The money is used to create the game and create new and exciting tools for the ps3.

LSDARBY4051d ago

Stranglehold has cost Midway 30million, and im sure Killzone will sell more than Stranglehold and the technology they hjave created will no doubt be used in other Sony 1st party games.

Hatchetforce4051d ago


In terms of development that is about on par with what Bungie is doing. I hate to bring up the comparison but it is a title with a high production values everyone can understand. And it is a first party studio.

Also some of the 40 mil is shifted Sony assets so it wasn't as if they went downtown and just pulled the cash out of the bank and drove an armored car to Guerrilla studios.

140 people also doesn't necessarily mean they are all in one studio. At the same time it (140) doesn't include certain assets used in develelopment and particularly in a great deal of the marketing.

As regards Guerrilla working on other projects I would say yes. At a minimum, before a game enters beta and usually earlier, work has already begun on the next title. I am certain this is the case with Guerrilla. It may only be design work, writing, and some conceptual art but I would say production is occurring.

Also some personnel are likely in the throes of designing DLC for KZ2. This may be gametypes, features such as new weapons and equipment, maps and characters, and the like. There is also the possiblity some DLC material such as maps may be farmed out to a 3rd party. This is actually more common than people realize. A friend of mine, John Sonedecker of Blackfoot Studios with whom I do work, built levels for GRAW DLC on the 360.

Douche4051d ago

I originally heard that the budget was $25 million. There was an article about it. How would Stranglehold be the most expensive produced video game if it were only $30 million?

Besides, as Hatchet said, the money contributed to more than just a game. It's well known that GG made a few breakthroughs in technology while developing this game. Mainly for physics and dynamic lighting. Much time has been spent on individual features found in the game. Like the physics-based blood, the many layers of sound and effects, the lighting as said previously, and the harsh atmosphere which was built from the ground to the sky.

This is something that many developers should dedicate their time to. I think Killzone 2 is an icebreaker for the PS3's pontential. And sharing the technology GG has created within the 1st parties and loyal 2nd parties (Insomniac for example) will definately be done to some extent. That along with the Playstation Edge will be good tools for development. Can't wait to see more of this game.

DeadlyFire4051d ago

135 developers are not for any one part of the game really. The game is going to be released in how many countries? I think its was around 20-30. Alot of translating and redoing parts of story to translate properly. Take that into consideration. The main game is likely to have the most developers working on it with other versions being translated and retold with different vioces.

Mu5afir4051d ago

Final Fantasy 7 had a budget of 30 million with over 100 staff working on it. Metal Gear solid games have always had a large amount of people working on it, and the coast to make the game was around 20 million or so, even for the older systems.

Foliage4051d ago

Captain Tuttle:

Well that is ten million dollars less than the episodic content for the 360 version of GTA. Desperate times call for lots of Gates' money.

Besides most production costs are heading in that direction, so it is expected that a game that has surpassed any console graphics displayed by any game revealed currently for any console, would cost a pretty penny.

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Rythrine4051d ago

"That said, it’s the second time a Killzone 2 trailer has ruined E3 - this time for making almost every other game look so terrifyingly ordinary."

Even at its current build, this game never ceases to amaze me.

pp4051d ago

what is the game running on ps2

boodybandit4051d ago

Well they tried to make it on 360 hardware but the dev kits kept RRODing on them. See how easy it is? Seriously, why troll?

fenderputty4051d ago

is clearly of a 3rd grade intelligence level. Not only in content but, grammar and sentence structure as well.

WilliamRLBaker4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

The game looks good, Contrary to what other people believe when it comes to this game and me and what i've said in the past, But they ignore the context, I only get down on the games context based upon what people say about it and other games, Like how its the best game since sliced bread, or how all other fps suck compared...ect and how this game makes ps3 the best most powerful system.

On its own with out biased contextual differences Killzone 2 will probly be great, It has alot againest it, killzone 1's bad reviews, and graphics, and stigmata as a halo killer, and then sonys lie about the first showing being real time.

But on its own without contextual bias, if they can pull it all together the game will be a great game.

Edit:opps wrong comment, I ment 1 person disagrees that without contextual bias then killzone2 will be good.

Douche4051d ago

Has the world stopped spinning? Has WilliamRLBaker thinly unveiled something positive about Killzone 2? Must be a change in heart. Jk, but you're right. Anyone with bias over the history of the series won't support this game up-front. I personally loved the first. And I'm not alone saying that. Also, Killzone: Liberation was one heck of a game. It seems like GG was a little ambitious with the first though, trying to make it more than their limitations would let them. But Killzone 2 seems like their original vision in terms of intensity and impact. But sometimes, it seems like people use bias as an excuse to lash out at this game. I don't get it. Why??? doesn't sum up how ridiculously confused I am when someone resorts to that. I don't really care though if someones acts that way. In the end, I'll be the one playing this stunning sequel to a "mediocre" original game. I'm glad to see you've grown up a bit WilliamRLBaker.

bym051d4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Stigmata? Like it's bleeding from its palms?

The Wood4051d ago

lets just hope it play as well as it looks. Either way ill be getting it on day zer0 like many of us on n4g

aslucher4051d ago

well i loved Killzone:Liberation.... and luckily i hadnt played the first Kilzone, as I hear it was bad... but this games looks pretty [email protected] sick!!!

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