Help Guide for Buying Gaming Motherboards

AC: Selecting gaming motherboards is not just about the motherboard. A gaming computer is a custom-built machine, with specifically chosen parts that perform better for a specific genre of games. All these parts come together on the motherboard, so the first and most important thing a motherboard needs is compatibility.

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Agent-863025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"There's also the question of upgrades. Every part in gaming has a window of between 6-12 months, after which it becomes obsolete. This is because new games released every year can be played only on the latest parts. They just don't work on old configurations. So the motherboard needs to have the capability to survive these biannual part upgrades."

That paragraph from the article is complete bunk. Obsolete in 6-12 months? Games just won't work on older configurations? What BS! That really should be every 2 years to upgrade parts and even then, they really aren't obsolete; you just need to put the video settings lower if you can't afford an upgrade. If you have DDR3 RAM, you're good for many years to come (even DDR2 still has a lot of life). Video cards last at least 2-3 years before upgrading and you can even SLI/CF them to last a little longer. CPU's have at least 3 years before having to think about upgrading. Only thing really correct with the article is getting a good MB, so you can do upgrades along the way. Don't know if this article is trying to be informative or trying to scare people from getting a gaming PC.