REALPLAY - The PS2's answer to Wii Sports

Videogames developers are always copying ideas from one another. It's happened since the birth of the industry and its a trend that will continue - that's business - but rarely is it so blatantly obvious as in the case of In2Games' REALPLAY series, announced today.

The REALPLAY range is a collection of games, each which comes packaged with a wireless peripheral of its own. Assuming you buy them all, your living room floor will be soon be cluttered with a plastic pool cue, tennis racquet, golf club, steering wheel, 'Puzzlesphere' and bowling ball.

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dale14017d ago

not a bad idea saves people buying a new system like th wi and the ps2 has alot more software than the wi out there,which also makes the wi seem a little dated already

Rooftrellen4016d ago

No more gens. PS2 is the god of gamming for all time because of its library of games. Nothing else can everimprove upon it, because at launch, it won't have as many games and will already be dated.

Back in the real world, I doubt many people will even notice this, and those that do will still get a Wii because it's known for the motion control.

Nice try, but how many times have we seen someone try to benefit from the popularity of the Wii and fail...or at least never be heard of again?

sumfood4u4017d ago

My Opinion is this won't make a good idea, yes I am a PS2 owner. It just seem kind of fake to copy the Wii now, they should just stick with the Eye~Toy, an go from there. The Kenitic Workout on Eye~Toy is Awesome!

alexander22rednaxela4017d ago


Greysturm4017d ago

a third party but since it is backwards compatible it will also work on the ps3.

ChickeyCantor4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

are you trying to tell us the PS2 had thousands of games in its first year -_-?

i dont think it will sell much simply because its not a standard.
While Wii is focused on motion games PS2 will just couple of them just like the eye toy. shot actually from sony....i can hear the fanboys, hypocrits, saying woaw its cool better then wii's wii-mote, while they bashed the Wii from the beginning yet they think this is cool..

btw 6x30 pounds =180 pounds.....

"The REALPLAY range of games is aimed squarely at those PlayStation 2 owners who want to play wireless motion-sensing games without needing to splash out on a new console"
" for £29.99 per set (approximately $50 USD)"

" 180 British pounds = 357.06600 U.S. dollars"
" 180 British pounds = 266.169214 Euros"
50x6=300 dollar.......
i rather have a Wii + wiisports please =) XD