FF14 stuck at 94.6% Sqaure Enix doesn't know what time it is

Tonight editor GoukiJones was supposed to be pwnn some Final Fantasy XIV. Not writing a story about how Square Enix doesn't even have the right time of day on their news page.

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Drazz2992d ago

They did an update yesterday patching it.

likedamaster2991d ago

I've tried several times today and... no dice.

Reibooi2991d ago


It's called server congestion people. Seriously. Have you been on and seen how many people are playing the Open beta? It's a metric crap ton of people.

SE is also releasing a patch for the game every day the Beta is out(balancing various things I'm sure) and as such all those crap tons of people need to download the update and it causes congestion.

And honestly if you can figure out how to manually patch the game via megaupload with those files available from FFXIVcore or something you should just not own a PC. It's literally as simple as drop this file into that folder and launch game DONE it's so retardedly simple to manually patch(when compared to some other games that make it hell) that if you can figure it out you should not be playing.

goukijones2991d ago

I understand everything about what's going on with the FF, I know it's super congested.
"And honestly if you can figure out how to manually patch the game via megaupload with those files available from FFXIVcore or something you should just not own a PC."
I don't know what that means. Square should be updating those files, not FFXIVcore.
So quick to tell people they shouldn't be playing. lol. The game will work fine when it comes out.
Thanks for you comment.
Lets party up.

mittwaffen2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

They just bitched out on bandwidth and distribution methods to save money, thats all.

Dont believe me, open up for FFXIV folder in USERS and dig around you'll find all the torrent files for all patches that you need and can open them right into bit torrent--this is a shit method since torrents are throttled to hell in todays world.

They bitched out on a payed service (they will have the same system), unforgivable.

@Reibooi you need to chill out dude, it isnt retardly simple for most people. If you got outside and talked to other humans/gamers you'd know that most people that play games dont have advanced computer knowledge.

You dont make a great point though since many MMO's have patches without slow ass speeds during betas. Enix just cheaped out on distribution methods to save $$$.

Reibooi2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Sorry but it is that retardedly simple. The patch folder is very easy to find once you install the game(it's right under my games and Final Fantasy XIV pretty easy for even the most incompetent person to find) Pretty much anyone who knows about or has been following FFXIV knows about FFXIVcore because they are posting pretty much everything about the game and as such people know the site.

On the front page of the site they had a link to the forum post that had megaupload links for the patch files(everyone knows how to use megaupload and if you don't you again you should not be even using a PC) the forum thread tells you step by step how to download and patch the game and it's literally as easy as Download file put in patch folder run game and boom install.

It's so insanely easy that anyone can do it. I'm not a super advanced user. I found out how to do it simply by searching google about the slow updates and BOOM found the thread and found out how to do it in about 20mins and I was playing the game. It's so simple if people can't figure it out I can't help but laugh.


Square is updating the files. The point is that with congestion it's harder for some to download. So FFXIVcore users upload the patch files they downloaded for others to download as doing it via Megaupload is far faster then a congested update client. Just because FFXIV core is reposting the files doesn't mean SE didn't release them in the first place.

goukijones2991d ago

By the time this story was posted here on n4g it was working for me. One of those heat of the moment things. Thanks for reading.

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tda-danny2991d ago

Played most of the night on Saturday, and a bunch of time yesterday in the beta.

If you cannot figure out how to update the game, maybe you don't belong in the beta. Its really not that hard. - Also, you only have to use the torrent files (which are provided in the SE folder) if you want the d/l to go faster. The SE downloader will finish eventually.

goukijones2991d ago

I was just saying that it's weird to me that I'd have to go to a third party website to fix a game. I'm glad Square got it together.