M2G Preview: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

M2G Writes:

Sometimes it only takes one glance to know how good a game is going to be, it doesn’t happen very often but when it does you just know.

The first time I knew this about Enslaved, was when I heard Tameem Antoniades talking about the game at Develop in July, and following a recent hands-on with the game, my instincts were well and truly justified.

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jordypordy3020d ago

looks awesome, great preview too.

N4GAddict3020d ago

Reminds me of a little like Uncharted

SaberEdge3020d ago

It does look awesome. It will be mine this holiday.

N4GAddict3020d ago

Game is looking good so far.

wotta3020d ago

Its quite a good comparison, it has amazing graphics, a great story and a big twist which is unlike any other game ever.

Its a must buy seriously.

Dozer3020d ago

and this game looks surprisingly interesting.

wotta3020d ago

This will be one of the must have titles this year, I just hope people realise that.