100° 5 Reasons Why APB Failed On An Epic Scale

There are so many ways to define failure. Doesn't it sometimes seem that each new MMO tries to come up with its own innovative formula, some new and novel way to drive their game headlong into the abyss?

Star Wars Galaxies was a great game until Sony Online Entertainment got WoW envy, dumbed down the game, and lost their subscribers. Warhammer rushed their game to market, delivering a horrendously buggy and unbalanced MMO (The PvP was great, though.). Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) had fabulous PvE instances, but not much else to keep you busy. Champions Online was fun until you got to the end and didn't have much to do. And Star Trek Online was rolled out only half-finished, ignoring the fact that Star Trek fans wanted to play Klingons.
In an alternate universe, all of these MMOs might have been great. Each of them had hordes of excited fans and MMO gamers anxious to play their game, and yet each managed to fail in its own way.

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ingiomar3018d ago

hahaha APB = FPB (Fail Points Bulletin)

Agent-863018d ago

Nice. How about APB = All Points Bad

ndibu3018d ago

But Agent did it right and used the original letters, thats creative.
You on the other hand failed dismally. Go back to school if you aren't still in it.
Agent, kills for skills.

il-mouzer3018d ago

first thing first, they should have revamped the shooting and driving mechanics

then maybe added a little more life to the city, i.e.: shops, traffics lights FFS!!!, the districts weren't even that believable and enjoyable - just bland and boring.

N4GAddict3018d ago

It definitely needs a lot of improvements

manylaughs3018d ago

Given time it might have been a good shooter MMO.

N4GAddict3018d ago

Too bad the developers got laid off

manylaughs3018d ago

Yeah. Management probably went home with big bonus checks.

ArchangelMike3018d ago

Man, it sound like at the conception stage, someone dropped the ball. So many core elements of an engaging MMO are missing from ABP. I doubt it would survive even with a Free to play model.

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The story is too old to be commented.