File Front - PAX 2010: Mortal Kombat Hands-On Impressions

Mark writes, "NetherRealm Studios is making a big effort to take Mortal Kombat back to the good old days of fatalities, lots of blood and fast 2D fighting. “Old skool,” with a “k” we assume, is how MK producer Hector Sanchez described it to us today at PAX."

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Yi-Long2993d ago

... DLC-fatalities? DLC-Milking!

No instant-buy for me! Yet another developer who has made sure I will just wait for the game to hit the budget-bin, or come out with a 'complete' edition.

Too bad, cause I was really looking forward to this as well... but I'm not gonna support DLC-milking developers. Never.

Promise all the DLC/support will be free, and I'll pick up the game full-price no problem, but I'm NOT gonna spend 60 bucks on a game where they'll be trying convince me to spend more of my money on extra fatalities which they just as easily could have included.