Top 5 Video Game Franchises That Should Have Stayed 2D

Original Gamer: "3D was the future, but the jump wasn't easy for some games. In fact, some games became utter disasters because they went to 3D."

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Quagmire2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

3D Bionic commando was epic. Closest thing to a spiderman game than...well, a spiderman game.

And not all sonic 3d games suck. i mean look at Sonic Colours compared to Sonic 4. Take the former any day, if it was available on PS360...

armycore2721d ago

I beg to differ. Spiderman 2 was pretty damn good. And this new Spiderman game is fun up until the point it glitches.

GamingBuddha092721d ago

i thought the new bionic commando wasnt that bad. it could have used some more work though. and what about the lament of innocent and curse of darkness? they werent so bad either

kneebreaker2721d ago

Should have mentioned Mega Man as well.