Eidos: new Tomb Raider title is "well in development"

Honestly, you would not believe it, but Eidos' Ian Livingstone has revealed that the next videogame featuring one of the industry's biggest cash cows, Miss. Lara Croft, is "well in development."

Current speculation points to the next-generation Tomb Raider effort being the second game in the trilogy that began with Tomb Raider: Legend.

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djtek1844021d ago

i hope this game gets reinvented cuz the style & game play to me is played out.

MattFoley4021d ago

I thought the first one played better then legend and legends graphics blew!

M1am1U4021d ago

Awesome avatar MattFoley. Chris Farley rocks. 8)

beremy_jeadle4021d ago

crap game or not she is still a babe!

MaximusPrime4021d ago

cool. It will be awesome on PS3!

sumfood4u4021d ago

Has too many bugs in it! I hope they fix them on the new one its getting a bit ridicules getting stuck in the door way one lvl from beating the game, ect ect.

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The story is too old to be commented.