onPause: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero - Buy It!

onPause: EXCERPT:

Dead Rising was one of the most endeared Japanese games in recent memory. While the first Dead Rising was filled with bugs like a broken save system and questionable controls we all loved it. Dead Rising 2 is on the brink of release taking the zombie apocalypse to Fortune City. Case Zero is a prequel to Dead Rising 2 and bridges the gap between the two games, taking place 3 years before the sequel. There is a new protagonist named Chuck Greene, famous motorcycle rider and proud father. Case Zero is the story of Chuck finding Zombrex for his bitten daughter Katy and escaping Nevada's small town Still Creek, which proves to be problematic.

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RonyDean2695d ago

I really need to buy this game! Loved playing the trial.

RonyDean2695d ago

No but I think I will tonight!

Gazman2695d ago

I thought it was pretty good for 400 points

mcroddi2695d ago

It is a sweet deal for 400 MSP for sure! I enjoyed it and am still loving it.