The Best Nintendo Gamecube Games Under $10

After a few years of increased Gamecube game prices (to coincide with the Wii’s success and backwards compatibility), prices have started to come back down for most of the best games — with the exceptions of the rarities and RPGs. It also helps when some of the popular games receive sequels or re-releases. So if you want to round out your Gamecube or Wii collection on the cheap, take a look at these picks.

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AndrewRyan2962d ago

Can be bought for under $10.

IMO it is the best Mario game I have ever played.

NecrumSlavery2962d ago

Well every single Gamecube game can be found for under ten bucks so I am going to throw out my top games.

Luigi's Mansion
Eternal Darkness
Phantasy Star Online

Bobbykotickrulesz2962d ago

Super Smash Bros Melee and Tales of Symphonia (is that the name?)

dredgewalker2962d ago

Totally forgot about Luigi's Mansion. I've been thinking of what good games from Gamecube to play on my Wii. Thanks.

kharma452962d ago

I wish :P I paid £40 for MGS: TTT (that was when MGS4 was launching though) and last year Eternal Darkness cost me £30 or so, some games for it aren't all that cheap!

PopEmUp2962d ago

Alan wake is actually Luigi's Mansion clone :P

Theonik2962d ago

Totally false. Games like Tales of Symphonia, Ikaruga, Zelda: Twilight Princess and Pikmin 2 will cost you a lot more than that.

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Caithness2962d ago

I just want to agree with anything Andrew Ryan has to say. What a man! A man of Rapture!

stragomccloud2962d ago

I feel like a lot of people forget, that one of the best features of the Wii, is it's 100% gamecube backwards compatibility. Sweet awesomeness!!!!

tmt3452962d ago

Thats because its an overclocked Gamecube.

tmt3452962d ago

Why did I get disagrees? It IS a overclocked Gamecube. Thats fact.

NintendoForever2962d ago

the gamecube couldn't run monster hunter 3 as good as the wii could the wii has sharper graphic and more lighting effects then the gamecube stop puting the gamecubes graphic on par with the wii gamecube clearly has a weaker graphic card..

Theonik2961d ago

Arguing with you is probably pointless over this but the Wii is indeed an Overclocked Gamecube hardware wise. Both the CPU and GPU are nearly identical while the Wii has 2x the clock speed and overall performance. It is because they have the same hardware that the Wii is able to have complete BC with the cube by throling down the CPU/GPU.

stragomccloud2961d ago

It's not an overclocked gamecube. However, it IS indeed based on the same architecture. So, if you don't mean in the literal sense that it is an overclocked gamecube, then you would be correct. But only because it's based on the same CPU and GPU architecture. It is however, quit the beast compared to the gamecube. The best comparison would be Super Mario Sunshine vs Super Mario Galaxy. Last time I checked, if I overclocked my PC, I wouldn't be able to see that big of a difference.

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kasasensei2962d ago

mgs twin snakes
f-zero gx
re:code veronica
zelda ww


stragomccloud2961d ago

No RE 2 or 3 love???? Even though they were just PS1 ports....

2962d ago
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