Development issues cause inferior PS3 games

Industry analyst Evan Wilson believes development difficulties are to blame for inferior quality when releasing PS3 games on schedule with the Xbox 360. The analyst also believes development challenges heighten the number of PS3 game delays.

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SuperSaiyan44018d ago

The 360 just better at what it really does which is be a GAMES CONSOLE.

Also just for reference I noticed last night that the PS3 even has a PC power cable!! How funny how Ken said its a 'COMPUTER!'

Anyways 360 is where the games are and where the fun is PS3 well this is waiting...And poor porting...If this continues I am not sure for what reason I will want to keep my PS3...

The sodding thing is only worth £250 trade in at GAME now!! Soz!

WaggleLOL4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Unreal Tournament - complete map set, mouse keyboard support, runs better than the 360 version, full pc mod support

Dirt - 1080p, better/stable framerate, better support for driving/force feedback gear

RidgeRacer - 1080p 60fps for the PS3, only 720p for the 360

Oblivion - Faster loading for the PS3, better graphics on the PS3

Stranglehold - Free HD movie right on the BluRay disc for all PS3 players

Burnout - 1080p for the PS3 version

DMC4 - 1080p for the PS3 version

Free online play, dedicated servers, Home for game company custom spaces, custom clan spaces for before and after matches, and party support for people to meet up and all play games online together

What's that? Some Ubisoft and EA PS3 games are halfass? OMG!!!

Seven years and Xbots are still trying to convince the world of the same old BS "hard teh program' 'cuz it's not like the pc on my desktop'

If the 360 is so 'easy to program' why does Microsoft's very own first party titles like Halo 3 and Forza 2 look like last gen crap?

Jeremy Gerard4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

"The Xbox 360 processor was designed to give game developers the power that they actually need, in an easy to use form. THE CELL processor has impressive streaming floating-point power that is of limited use for games.

The majority of game code is a mixture of integer, floating-point, and vector math, with lots of branches and random memory accesses. This code is best handled by a general purpose CPU with a cache, branch predictor, and vector unit.

The Cell's seven DSPs (what Sony calls SPEs) have no cache, no direct access to memory, no branch predictor, and a different instruction set from the PS3's main CPU. They are not designed for or efficient at general purpose computing. DSPs are not appropriate for game programming.

Xbox 360 has three general purpose CPU cores. The Cell processor has only one.

Xbox 360's CPUs has vector processing power on each CPU core. Each Xbox 360 core has 128 vector registers per hardware thread, with a dot product instruction, and a shared 1-MB L2 cache. The Cell processor's vector processing power is mostly on the seven DSPs."

killercam194017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

TO WaggleLOL: wat u said makes no sense

DIRT ps3 got more Dev time than 360 and its the first Ps3 cross platform game to have better framerate than the 360

Stranglehold: ok u were right on this one but its just a little movie how great do u honestly think it will be

Ridge Racer: u can push 1080p on ridge racer all u want we all knew that it looked better on 360 so dont act clueless

Oblivion: didnt they have almost a year of extra dev time on that so obvioously it would be improved moron

Devil may cry and burnout in 1080p is that just for the Ps3? or are u just adding them just so u can have an actual game list cus i'm sure it will be the same for the 360

OK u guys have free online (possibly the messiest shlt i have ever seen ) i can afford xbox live i have the money to do that u can go play resistance possibly the only good online game the ps3 has cus thats the only game thats released that ps3 fanboys talk about the online aspect of the game.

Hell yea the 360 is easier to program for devs have said it sony had to help epic learn how to program the ps3 optimally did ms have to spoon feed epic? no they didnt. Halo was never a graphics powerhouse it was all about the fun and thats the direction the game is taken in forza was never a graphics hog either cus gt4 looked better than forza 1 BUT forza is a much better simulator so there u go............So dont go around making shlt up about the 360 its a great "GAMING" console the ps3 is an awesome "SUPER COMPUTER" so let them fairly duke it out

Gizmo_Logix4017d ago


I guess you didn't read he article? Hmmmm? :D

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Sayai jin4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

People have to remember that 360 developers have been able to hone their skills while PS3 devs have not had as long, barely. I think the devs for PS3 started well before people reaize though, so they have had a while, becuase the PS3 was delayed from April 06 to November, only 6 months after the 360,s release. So devs were alread hacking way. With that said, PS3's'platform is harder to right for and the dev tools need more time. As devs get more familiar with the PS3 games will become more frequent and have higher quality. For those who think the 360 hs reached it's pinnacle, you're wrong, it is on its 3rd to th gen games. Most systems full potential is not reached until 5 and 6th generation games. So there is still greater things to come for the 360. I think devs are trying hard to exploit the PS3s Cell processor, but are limited by the amount of RAM.

Can some tell me how to approve or diapprove sotrie, thanks.

mighty_douche4017d ago

i quote...'For those who think the 360 hs reached it's pinnacle, you're wrong, it is on its 3rd to th gen games. Most systems full potential is not reached until 5 and 6th generation games'

well how can that be the case if the 360 is... 'so easy to develop for?'

achira4017d ago

you sir are a moron. the ps3 has the same amount of RAm like the xobx360, but it has far faster RAM then the xbox360. time will show that the ps3 is far superior. look at dirt demo, it looks far better than the xbox360 version and is far smoother. developers need to lear the hardware, and they will learn it! and then you will see th 3 to 1 difference!

ENNO4017d ago

your are stupid...the PS3 has a duel 512MB of RAM...and because of the processor pushes it far ahead of the 360 epic have stated that GoW pushes the 360 it limits,they had to convince M$ to upgrade the 360 to 512MB of if GoW is the best we can get and Killzone looks 100,000,000 times better than it and its only a second gen PS3 game...well i think you get the point!

Sayai jin4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

@ mighty_douche, thats becuase the platform is dev friendly, has great dev tools, etc. Search the web to see what devs had said about the PS3 and Xbox.

For the other two individuals above: Well I can see by your elemetary school name calling you must be fanboys. Anyways, go take a look at usable memory for the 360 and the PS3. The 360 has unified 512MB GDDR3 RAM and the PS3 has 256mb Ram for memory/storage and another 256MB ram for video (shared). Many devs say what will limit the PS3's Cell processr from going over the top is it lack of memory. I wish Sony would have matched more memory for the PS3 in restrospect to the powerful Cell, as I own a PS3 as well. Wow, ENNO you say that the PS3 has Dual 512MB, where did you find this. Your PS3 must be a special one. Oh, the 360 had 512b from the start. Quoting you" Epic had to make MS upgrade to 512, damn where are you getting this from.

As far as comparing games (multi plat) you ahve to look at what sytem the game was originally dev'd for. A 360 produced game ported to the PS3 will look better, in most case and a PS3 Game ported over to the 360 will look better as well. Bethseda revamped and retooled Oblivion and the difference was noticed on the PS3. Madden on the other hand is dealing with framerate issue for the PS3.

TheXgamerLive4017d ago

I'll keep it short and sweet. You've got to be one of the dumbest f*ckers I've ever read on here, you and Achira.

Ignorant Fanboy4017d ago

You say they both have the same amount of RAM (Not True) but thenm you say the PS3 has faster RAM??

What makes it faster??

Does electricity flow through Sonys chips faster than MS's???

Do the laws of Physics not apply to the PS3??

Your Crazy.

DJ4017d ago

1). Cell runs off of 3.2 Ghz CPU RAM. Xenon (360) runs off of 700 Mhz GPU RAM, which creates very high latency, thus performance for the CPU plummets.

2). Having split memory pools means that the PS3 has 47 GB/s of memory bandwidth, while the Xbox 360 has less than half that bandwidth, i.e. 20GB/s.

Also the FlexI/O connection adds another 35 GB/s of bandwidth between Cell and RSX. CPU-GPU communication on the Xbox 360 is shared within the Unified Memory Bandwidth, which in turn reduces how much bandwidth is available for Memory Access on that system.

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Antan4018d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

"Also just for reference I noticed last night that the PS3 even has a PC power cable!! How funny how Ken said its a 'COMPUTER!'"

Yes, and whats even funnier is that its the same as the 360.

"pc power cable".

Huh? Ever used a kettle?

VirusE4017d ago

It's called an IEC cable and most music recording equipment use them also. It's a rather common cable.

Babylonian4017d ago

At starters many multiplat-games were inferior on the PS3 compared to the Xbox 360 after both these consoles were out. The gap is getting smaller though. But it's al about having good tools and learning how to use the power of the PS3 effeciently and effectivly.

If you do that, you may come near Kojima-san's MGS4 or Naughty Dog's Uncharted for example. And don't tell me that those games are inferior.

In due time, devs will know how to tap the power out of both systems. It's called "getting experience".

MattFoley4017d ago

If your done using your time machine can I borrow it. I want to go to the future, play those games and come back and post about how awesome they are too.

TheMART4017d ago

Gap is getting closer?

You mean:

Madden 08, still 30fps difference, 360 having 60fps, PS3 on 30fps?
I don't see it yet. And talking about future games, all I have to say: many of those multiplatforms were also said to become better on the PS3 while in reality they were worse then the earlier brought out 360 version. And please don't bring up the only game that looks a tad better on the PS3, Oblivion, once up again. They worked a full year extra on that version while the 360 got an early, rushed PC port to have a simoultanously release with the PC version.

Now in the end, what do we know? The PS3 was said to be the only next gen experience from its launch told to us by the marketingblabla from Sony. What did we got almost a year later? An overexpensive console that does less then its cheaper competitor console, which as extra also has the premium online service.

Not forgetting the only system with AAA games rated. The latest added to that: Bioshock close to a 10 out of 10 average reviews. 360 and Vist exclusive it is!

i smoke Wiid4017d ago

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BrotherNick4017d ago

It's all relative...the tiers at which cost is a factor will be dependent on the system that it can go on, the largest will be on the ps3, the xbox will be a mix of both, and the cheaper (although not always worse) titles will be on the wii. And now small devs will have a chance to make some money with the downloadable games for each system (wii hopefully). It's a perfect time to start making games.