Call Of Duty 4: Sniper Multiplayer Footage

Sniper gameplay footage taken from the IW held in Los Angeles last week.

Level/Map: Crash
Weapon: M4OA3

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achira3987d ago

i hate snapper games, i hope you can play without snippers.

cod4forums3987d ago

Yes COD4 has a huge range of guns.

FirstknighT3987d ago

Bring on the snippering! :p

God of Gaming3987d ago

Well I was hoping he would at least hit someone from a distance so we could tell if the game has good hit detection... I love how you can go into buildings but overall this video did not show us anything new.

I just can not get enough of this game!

machine_B3987d ago

That guy was a noob at sniping

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The story is too old to be commented.