Gamereactor: James Bond 007: Blood Stone Preview

Bizarre Creations are best known for their extremely decent racing games. Say this in front of them and they'll interrupt you to point out that they also made The Club in 2008, which, they'll continue, was a third-person shooter and not a driving game. At this point they'll cross their arms and look a little bit upset. They've got pedigree, to be sure. Project Gotham Racing is regarded as one of the finest series of games ever to grace our screens, and more recently their departure into more arcade style racing brought them some success with Blur. And yes, The Club was a well-regarded and original shooter with some interesting arcade mechanics.

The talent behind Blood Stone is evident then, which until now has been the primary reason for the interest in this schizophrenic, half-driving, half-shooting Bond title.

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albel_nox3019d ago

I need to see more but it has potential.