Armed and Ready: What's Next for Real-Time Strategy?

GamePro explores the past, present, and future of real-time strategy following the genre's biggest release in a decade, StarCraft 2.

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ultramoot3022d ago

What's next? Warcraft 4 please.....

Letros3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Good article, the next major RTS game to be released is Shogun 2: Total War, I'm anticipating the next Dawn of War 2 expansion early next year as well.

I'd love to see EA bring us C&C Generals 2, although they might do good to hire a different dev team after that abomination known as C&C4.

gcolley3021d ago

give me an FPS / RTS fusion done properly please... then you'll get my RTS money. give me the option to zoom into a first person view of any soldier on the battleground with the ability to get in any vehicle. would also make a great co-op or team game.