Free Borderlands Patch Will Raise Level Cap to 69

Just announced at PAX 2010, a Borderlands patch being released around the same time as the upcoming Claptrap's New Robot Revolution on September 28th and will raise the level cap to 69.

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Motorola2697d ago

I traded it in crap ;~;

T9X692697d ago

Me to :(

I kept it my copy from the midnight release up to a few months after General Knoxx and thought the game was done, so I traded it in and was waiting for an announcement on the sequel. Now they announce more DLC damn it lol I think its great they are still supporting this game, but I want a now!

SeanRL2697d ago

I'm really hoping for a sequel, it's games like this and demons souls, games that bring a fresh new style to their genre that deserve sequels.

BiggCMan2697d ago

agreed, i really, really enjoyed borderlands as well as demons souls. shame i havnt beaten either yet :/ i will be soon though.

blitz06232697d ago

lol 69... of all numbers

SeanRL2696d ago

The trophy/achievement will probably be a sexual innuendo or something. They always have the funniest name for their trophies/achievements.

moparful992696d ago

I actually rented this game from gamefly and I instantly fell in love with it.. I leveled fully and I even bought the zombie island of dr ned dlc and completed it and unlocked the platinum trophy.. I have kicked myself for never buying this amazing game but now that there is a game of the year edition that is coming with all of the dlc included and the new lvl 69 cap I think its time gearbox recieved my greenbacks... Man I love this game, the sequel can't come soon enough...

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ikkeweer2697d ago

I love this game, and atleast the DLC's for this game is worth the money for a change.
I swear, if Fallout had this games online capabilities I'd be set up for 3-4 months.

Motorola2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

i said crap to express my stupidity of trading it in, forgot the comma

SpaceFox2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Dude, haha! I totally read that as, "I traded in this crap".

Sorry, disregard my disagree. xD

SuperStrokey11232696d ago

lol i thought the same thing, disagreed then reread. Sorry op

Motorola2696d ago

Its all good, a disagree isnt the end of the world.

jaredhart2697d ago

Sounds awesome! I still play that game.

Kewl_Kat2696d ago

yeah, definitely nice... we keep playing their game, and they keep supporting us back. kinda like how 69 is when someone pleasures another person and the other person returns the favor lol

jerethdagryphon2697d ago

stil running my original char great game ill get to 69 and show crawmax whose invincible

MGRogue20172697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )


lol coincidence much? I think not.

CrzyFooL2696d ago

They said they did it for lolz. They succeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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