Bandai Namco "Not Aware" of PS3 Eternal Sonata

More information and double-speak on whether or not Eternal Sonata is multi-platform.

Quote: "According to game site Siliconera, the controller and the graphics made bringing Eternal Sonata to the Xbox 360 a no-brainer. What about a PS3 version? Publisher Bandai Namco told Siliconera that it was "not aware" of a PS3 version at the moment. How could it not be aware of that? It's friggin' Bandai Namco! The Japanese box for Eternal Sonata (AKA Trusty Bell) doesn't have an "ONLY ON XBOX 360" stamp on it. Thus, the game should be treated as such."

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power of Green 4017d ago

I think this type of post should keep the console its exclusive to true.

I don't thinks its Multi platform why does this post have a PS3 channel?.

Chris3994017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

I'm just reporting the story exactly as it appeared on Kotaku - same title and everything. The writer at Kotaku goes into a little bit of detail regarding the ambiguity of the "exclusiveness" of Eternal Sonata. As it's discussing the potential for this game to be multi-platform, it belongs in both the PS3 and 360 channels, right?

Don't want to stir up any fanboy nests :) Don't kill the messenger.

- C

power of Green 4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

You probably right I can understand if it were real 360 and PS3 news I guess its about both consoles. I guess people would put both channels about a post with somebody day dreaming about MGS4 for both PS3 and 360.

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Don't want to stir up any fanboy nests :)))) (-_-)


#4, This "Jap" game is being marketed for the west aswell the Japan excuse won't fly untill it sells poorly elsewhere this ofcourse is a theory just like your post.

Chris3994017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Paranoia (n): a disorder characterized by a continuing and unwarranted suspiciousness, mistrust of people, and hypersensitivity. It is not a psychosis but those affected have great difficulty with interpersonal relations. They are quite critical of others but virtually unable to accept criticism.

A little newsflash for you, POG. I just reported what Kotaku published. Oh, and just because I have a ps3, you assume that I am anti-360, which is wrong.

In fact, I'm all for gaming across ANY platform, the more the merrier. Keeps me from buying three systems and upgrading my PC (which is a $2000 beast built only last year, that is quickly becoming obsolete - annoying). My only beef with the 360 is it's reliability, their catalogue is indisputably great. And I wish that the PS3 had more JRPGS too.

So, with that out of the way, how exactly am I a fanboy?

- C

power of Green 4017d ago

This is the type of game PS fans like it makes more sense to be for the PS3 too although it helpS MS. Its not true its NOT coming out for the PS3 its a rumor dreamed up by theories post as NEWS!.

Xwow4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

the facts:
1)ps3 sales in japan is more than 1 milion.
2)xbxo 360 sales in Japan is 420000.
3)namco bandai is a Jap company.
4)many people in Japan who own a ps3 want it.
5)if eternal sonatra go to ps3,it will sell more than the x360.

s8anicslayer4016d ago

yeah whats up with capcom, where are the ps3 games?

Anything but Cute4017d ago

Most people aren't aware of enternal sonata.

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The story is too old to be commented.