TSMC fabs Xbox 360 graphics subsystem

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) claims that it has started production of Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 graphics-memory subsystem, based on its 90-nm embedded DRAM process.

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power of Green 3936d ago

Let me know if this is old rubbish news I'll gladly delete it.

I don't know if the dates from the site are their post date or the actual news announcment date. I hear so much talk of these chips I can't tell the difference between wishful thinking and actual fact.

SuperSaiyan43936d ago

The CPU and GPU are both said to be hitting 65nm so what sense would it make having the eDRAM at 90nm?? *Scratches head* just a bit confused on this one.

BIadestarX3935d ago

I think I can help you with that. Sony fans only talk about GPU and CPU being at 65nm.... simply because they know the xbox 360 does not have them.... They ignore the other thousands of important components including memory...
We don't know much about the xbox 360 and sure as hell no of us quality to give an accurate solution to the xbox 360 RROD.. though many here pretend to know everything. The fact is that every compontent that gets improved it adds to the overall performance and quality of the console. CPU and GPU may not be the problem... it can be the memory... or the capacitors, the resistors, transistors, etc.
Let the pro do the thinking.... unless ofcourse one of us want to give us the release day for their own console.

Ahhhh3935d ago

only if i knew what yall was talking bout=/ is 65nm (what is Nm?) better than 90nm?

BIadestarX3935d ago

They are talking about embedded DRAM(Memory) not CPU or GPU... many hardware devices never get this upgraded... this is a plus... it will reduce power consumption and heat.... everything add up... when falcom is released... it will run the coolest it can be.