How to unlock all trophies in Castle Crashers

The Playstation 3 version of Castle Crashers contains 13 trophies. This guide will help you unlock all of them.

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JobForARockStar2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

try and play one player. Message me if you would like to play on Psn. BerNardoMan420

Persistantthug2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )


Because if it does well on the PS3, after taking Microsoft's money, then selling a million (or however many it sold) or so units.....If it goes on to do well on the PS3...

Why would said developer NOT do the same thing the next time? Why shouldn't BEHOMOTH game developers continue to effectively get paid 3 TIMES and get it by treating the PS3 gamers badly? Why should they stop? Why would they? Would you?

Maybe my opinion is of the fanboy'ish variety,

But I hope Castle Crashers gets THE BIOSHOCK TREATMENT.

I'm not buyin it.

--my take


How come this game is not on the UK PSN yet?

I managed to download the demo from my US account, but I don't to want enter my card details LOL for obvious reasons.

Love the game, its definitely appealing

KratosGirI2937d ago

So awesome that I went and ordered these!

*look at attached image*

JobForARockStar2937d ago

THOSE ARE AWESOME. Where did you get?

KratosGirI2937d ago

Check out the Store section on Newgrounds. They go for $20 a pop or all 4 of them for $60.

NovusTerminus2937d ago

I am gonna be getting soon. Looking forward to it.

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