Nintendo to delay Wii production increase

Nintendo Co. will delay a production increase of the Wii home video game console due to a lack of supply components, the DigiTimes reported Fri.

The expanded production had been scheduled for June 2007.

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happyjimmy4015d ago

Thay are delaying it to make a "sold out record". How stupid do they think we are?

alaaji4015d ago

The Nintendo Wii is selling faster than any console in history and you think that they are holding back just for a record? Just think about it, if you are a company that only exists if you make a profit, why would you not sell your product? That's insanity! It seems as if they are making as many as possible and just can't keep up with demand.

There are things in business that many don't understand and it seems that you are shooting from the hip on that comment. Emotions run wild on this board.

shodown194014d ago

If the Wii is "sold out" then why are there millions of PS2's still in consistent production and is selling slightly less than the Wii week by week? Nintendo is purposely creating these shortages to build hype for the system once the holiday season hits. It's smart strategy by Nintendo but those who want their Wii NOW are the ones who get shafted in the end.

alaaji4014d ago

You have probably not even compared Wii sales to PS2 sales have you? Go and check it out and then you will be able to make an intelligent response. From what I see on, the Wii is selling more than double of what the PS2 is. In addition, Sony has had several years to iron out the supply side of the PS2. If they had problems now, something would be seriously wrong. Don't you think so?

happyjimmy4014d ago

Couldnt have said it better myself ^^

ItsDubC4014d ago

If demand is already exceeding supply, why would Nintendo (or any business for that matter) inact a supply constraint and risk potential customers losing interest in the console?

Nintendo doesn't need to build any more hype right now because it makes no sense to try to build even more hype for a product whose current demand already exceeds supply. When supply is in excess, only then does it make sense to build hype.

The CEO of Gamestop publicly claimed Nintendo was contraining supply back in April to have a positive impact on the fiscal year and that in June we would see a wave of the contrained Wii units hit the store shelves. He was dead wrong.