Sony - New PAL-Releaselist published

Sony has published a new Releaselist of its upcoming Games.

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germandude2902d ago

uhh nice list but the launch move games are crap and expensive..

Tailor-DKS2902d ago

they make money with the same games like Heavy Rain: Move Edition..

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Cecker2902d ago

the move starter pack is more expensive now.. the demand is higher than expected!

JohnnyHalo2902d ago

typical n4g sony fanboy at its finest.

Motorola2902d ago

How exactly is buying 2 of the same game make you a fanboy? Maybe he likes it? Jeez, typical 360 fanboy ready to attack any1 =/

house2902d ago

every time someone says something they don't agree with there a fanboy i really hate that but on another note that's a big list of games i need to buy im just so looking forward to lbp2 sack boy!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.