Ni No Kuni commercials

Level-5 has revealed a pair of commercials for Ni No Kuni. The game will be hitting Japan for the DS in December and the PS3 next year.

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Valay3018d ago

The PS3 and DS games look beautiful. Level-5 is doing some very nice work with Ni No Kuni!

Acquiescence3018d ago

To be able to essentially 'play' a Studio Ghibli film is a treat in itself, and something to really get excited about. It's gonna look glorious on the PS3.

Davoh3018d ago

Can't wait to play this game. Level-5 + Studio Ghibli is pure awesome =D

MechaZain3018d ago

This is good to see. HD doesn't have to mean realistic

TANUKI3018d ago

Oh, you can bet, I got both of these pre-ordered!

BornToKill3018d ago

this will be GOTY... every year! it's GOTY right now and it doesn't even come out this year.

Apotheosize3018d ago

I cant wait for this game StudioGhibli+Level 5 sounds awesome, looks like theirs already a world map as well. I think the game might utilize PS Move too, so heres hoping.

Aceluffy3018d ago

Have you seen the world map ? It's heavenly

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The story is too old to be commented.