El33tonline Preview - Gamescom 2010: Hands-on with mighty Killzone 3 multiplayer doesn't disappoint

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"Following our look at the gamescom presentation of Killzone 3, El33tonline got extended hands-on time with the game’s multiplayer. Before we got started, however, I asked Guerrilla Games’ senior multiplayer designer Dan Nanni what he expects will differentiate Killzone 3’s competitive online mode from other similar offerings, past, present and future.

In reply, Nanni said that Killzone 3’s sci-fi world, environments, weapons and characters are the most defining elements of the game, and will easily help distinguish it from other online experiences. “Fair enough,” I thought, after which El33tonline occupied two seats set aside for hands-on demo time, and we plunged headlong into a couple matches of Killzone 3 multiplayer in a tiny room packed with would-be allies and enemies."

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