How IronStarMovement Embarrassed Themselves at Insomniac's Presentation

Yamilia Avendano and her filming partner represented IronStarMovement at a recent Insomniac presentation for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and made some surprisingly bad decisions while the camera was rolling. While Avendano claims she "wasn't impressed" by the awesome looking demo that spanned a good 17 minutes, what isn't impressive is how her and her partner not only ruined a perfectly good presentation with their commentary, but also embarrassed themselves in front of their fellow journalists and Insomniac Games.

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kratos1233021d ago

I was sick midway through the shacky was really irritating

The_Count3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I hate iron star. Just not my kind of site.

Ah ah ah

Kerrby3021d ago

Ironstar is a joke of a website, I remember all these bullshit articles they wrote which turned out to be false.

Like Left4Dead being announced on PS3? Yeah I remember that one.

I hope Ironstar gets blacklisted from this website. Their articles are complete shit.

BattleAxe3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The first few times I read some articles from Ironstar, I knew these guys were bullshit. Now these two clowns talking in the video have solidified their place in the lowest rankings of the most irritating and straight up dumbest losers in the gaming industry.

cyborg69713021d ago

I've been saying that site was crap since the first article was posted screw them they suck.

Conloles3021d ago

Ironstar is a biased joke, they embarass themselves every time they put an article up.

SilentNegotiator3021d ago


hay3021d ago

I'm watching the demo now. They actually even suck at being negative...

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Sev3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I haven't been a fan of Ironstar since day one. I've seen some of the most embarrassing stuff coming out of there.

I'll never forget when they called GT5 "Grand Turismo 5" over and over again in the same article.

Quite frankly, they are giving other smaller time blogs out there a bad name.

DJ3021d ago

That was equally embarrassing.

deadreckoning6663021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

One site trying to make another site look The two people in the vid were immature and I don't condone their behavior, but why is this site making an article to make IronStarMovement look bad? In reality, it was two douches from IronStar that were the bad apples...not IronStar as a whole.

@Yo Mama- Yeah...ummm, I actually didn't miss that part...buddy. If you passed high school English, you would realize that the author contradicted himself. He says IronStar doesn't deserve much blame..but the title is, "How IronStarMovemement Embarrased Themselves at Insomnaic's Presentation"

@Chris399- Oh yes, me having one bubble on a site where people display their insecurity by mentioning GT5 in Halo: Reach articles, trolling Move/Kinect articles, and downplaying anything thats popular most certaintly makes you better than

Yo Mama3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"IronStarMovement itself doesn't deserve much blame, but it's interesting that they didn't hire more mature people to represent their site at PAX 2010."

EDIT: ISM, ultimately, is the one to blame. They are the one's who posted the video for everyone to see how immature the employees in the video are.

Chris3993021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

the one-bubblers usually stay true to form by not reading the articles.

And the IGN thing he's going off about is nonsense too. There are editorial DEPARTMENTS in large industry outlets. Reviews are seen by a Senior Editor, an Editor In Chief, usually the who team, before being posted.

On a bit of a tangent here, but numerical review scores are rubbish anyhow. They should just have words, without a score. Force people to use their own opinions and sense. But then we'd have no Metacritic and whatnot to fuel the fanboy wars or to give sites the hits they need.

Edit: The pair in the video were deplorable. The one gent was talking about coke (not the drink) and how tired he was, the girl was just crass, bitter and irritating. Courtney Love and a soiled baby's diaper could have done a better job (at least the diaper would have been quiet - Courtney too, as she's usually sedated on drugs, she only has to keep the camera steady).

@deadreckoning66. So your solution is to be as vulgar and crass as all the perceived "faults" of N4G that you listed? Thanks, I will take the high road.

Elven63021d ago

The headline is pretty damning if that is the case and not true if even the author dedicated a paragraph or so towards it.

RememberThe3573021d ago

You wont be missed.

This really isn't a big deal. Just some regular ass people filming a presentation. Iron Star kind of suck, this is true, but they're just a bunch of gamers writing about gamer. They're not journalists by any measure.

And the author doesn't actually contradict himself. He says that IronStar is responsible for what ever they put up on their site, but make it a point to say that the ultimate blame falls on the people who made the video.

Chris3993021d ago

Way to stealth edit your comment too. I'll do a screen-cap next time.

BattleAxe3021d ago

I'm glad this article came out to expose and hopefully blacklist these dummies.

solidjun53020d ago

*drumroll* the biggest hypocrite on this site.

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Jerkstore813021d ago

Likewise, and I don't really see why people are getting upset. They were heckling to themselves, not to the point where it was disrupting the entire presentation.

I haven't heard of Iron Star Movement until now, so congrats to the writer of this article - you just gave the publication more notoriety.

movements3021d ago

I'm sorry, I never talk bad about sites but that vid was terrible. Only watched up till a few seconds in and they were acting like children at a birthday party.

Terrible vid. Childish and immature.

Persistantthug3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

They are regular people that enjoy games and are "on the move up" in the game journalism industry.

I will say that the video was bad and the commentary was bad too...a mistake.

I can forgive that, as long as they learn from them, and I have a feeling that they will.

I'll be looking forward to their progress at next year's E3 and/or next event.

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jack_burt0n3021d ago

Yep ironstar need to let em go and find an ex con and a working girl to replace them, you know up their standards, make it a bit more classy and professional.

bjornbear3021d ago

watching it I just felt embarrassed to be a game and to be associated with people like that

why are they so unprofessional? they are filming footage that will probably go public and they make stupid comments throughout the whole footage =/ aren't they meant to be grown ups?


3021d ago
Matthew943021d ago ShowReplies(3)
Parapraxis3021d ago

Wow those 2 losers from IronStarMovement are serious douchebags.
No class.

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