Stranglehold set to bring FUN back to the shooter?

While its August 28 release date may see it somewhat eclipsed amid BioShock fallout fever and the fact that Metroid Prime 3 is set to arrive that week too, Midway's Max Payne/Dead to Rights action hybrid looks to bring one singular facet of worth to the gaming table: destructive fun.

Many of us complain that first and third-person shooters simply don't provide enough full-on physical destruction – especially when subjecting the in-game environments to high explosives and massively powerful weaponry. EA's woefully underrated Black went some way to delivering a game world open to destruction and player influence, but Stranglehold takes the idea to a whole new level.

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jromao4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

I played this demo on 360 and it's diferent FPS, simple and somewhat original the way we play it, except camera movements on this demo didn't work very well, maybe final release got it fixed. I believe this game will be a success with gameplay it already have. We got stars/points for spectacular shoots while jumping while shooting, etc... was nice surprise, the same I can't say about Bioshock demo, Bioschock is pretty but nothing fun on it.

DG4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Im still going to give Bio a rental try. But I didnt have that much fun with the Bio demo either. Stranglehold will hold me over untill the fall onslaught of games. Thats what seems to be missing from games now a days fun. And its the only reason I will buy a wii when my kid is born in february. Hopefully we get a price drop by then but I doubt it. But if MS gives another price drop for christmas I think Nintendo will have to follow suit.