The Top 13 Alien Invasion Games: Resistance, Halo & More

Has The Invasion got you jonesing to fight off your very own alien invasion?
Or would you rather take the role of the extra-terrestrials and brutalize an unsuspecting Earth?

Check out YVG's list of their favorite alien invasion-themed video games for all platforms, and set yourself up with everything you need to carry out your own interplanetary war.

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MK_Red3992d ago

They should have added Fallout 2 since it has Alien invasion. Also, Little Big Adventure 2.

eXplotion3991d ago

Resistance:FoM has the best alien invasion themed story ive seen in an FPS till date IMO

jay33991d ago

And THAT is why youre a fanboy.


cr33ping_death3991d ago

i love gears, but where was the story? what excatly are the locust? aliens.....underground monsters that got fed up with humans living above them? they dont explain any of that. the game is by far one of the best games i have ever played and continue to play online...but it lacks in story in a big way.

Jdash243991d ago

destroy all humans is hella fun, and resistance did have a really sick story

DrPirate3991d ago

Resistance wasn't a virus outbreak?

Maybe I wasn't clear.

Either way, alternate time history hasn't been done very often and it was a pretty cool.

Halo has the massive beautiful architecture and a deep history with forerunner technology and all that nice stuff.

In my opinion, the best one is Half-Life 2. If you haven't played that game, it's like 1984 combined with War of the Worlds. It really is a masterpiece of gaming.

fopums3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Yeah the Chimera are a sort of virus, they start out as these little crawler guys, like beattles, they get into your mouth and then a few hours later your a chimera, dog's where the only critter's other than humans infected, or Im just speculating there...but yeah alien virus, the bugs and all of these structures underground were not from earth

Resistance did had an great backstory, and the Chimera are just awesome!

slak3991d ago

Prey hell yea i love that game. :)

beans3991d ago

I'm with all you guys on Prey being really good!

Charlie26883991d ago

I liked Prey too ^^

It was specially brutal the "small" plot twist when you finally find your Girlfriend :P

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