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Submitted by HarryBarry 1987d ago | news

Batman: Arkham City vs Batman: Arkham Asylum. Graphics Comparison has created some screenshot comparisons using the recent Batman: Arkham City images posted online. (Dev, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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theonlylolking  +   1987d ago
City looks a tad worse
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1987d ago
the lol king yet you are not funny. rip your account name.
theonlylolking  +   1987d ago
I am not trying to be funny.
Eamon  +   1987d ago
Natsu was being sarcastic.

And you're wrong. City looks better just not a huge difference.
AngryTypingGuy  +   1986d ago
The graphics look similar but slightly improved upon. I cannot wait for this one! It could be a possible GOTY candidate. If only all superhero games could be this good. Maybe the people who made this game could do something that's never been done before: make a truly good Superman game!
SilentNegotiator  +   1986d ago
Harley looks more like an underage pop star now.
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pixelsword  +   1986d ago
No, Batman and harly look younger, plus everything looks cleaner now instead of the gritty look of the previous title. That could be good or bad.
Lifendz  +   1986d ago
Why'd they change Harly Quinn? She looked fine the first time.
ExplosionSauce  +   1986d ago
This should be more of a design comparison rather than graphics.
Chuk5  +   1987d ago
it's just not as greasy as a double-down anymore.
JohnApocalypse  +   1987d ago
This isn't the full game. I'm certain it will look better then Asylum
thewhoopimen  +   1987d ago
doesn't look like it
Doesn't look much of a change. Yeah the levels will be "larger" but there aren't any marked improvements.
STIINGRAYS  +   1987d ago
i noticed that too. Hopefully thats just something they made to show off, and nothing near a final product
marinelife9  +   1987d ago
Harley is hot!
kaveti6616  +   1986d ago
Nah. Arkham Asylums outdoor environments look murky. The new games city environment looks clear and sharp. You could argue that the murky art style fits the story better, but I think it's a graphical upgrade.
gtamike  +   1986d ago
We need HD images to tell better.
Bloodyghost  +   1987d ago
Harley looks different and I like how everything is looking so far...

would say a years worth of polishing will make this game golden. Kinda strange tho that there already done yet they just announced it about a month ago.
Megaton  +   1987d ago
It was announced at last year's VGAs.
Fireseed  +   1987d ago
You know after they said in interviews about the detective vision being the worse decision they ever made it's surprising to see it again. I mean it was pointless to not play the entire game in detective mode other than the beautiful environments.
Corepred4  +   1987d ago
Really they said that? I loved everything about that game especially detective mode. I thought the way they used it was fantastic.
matt1991  +   1986d ago
- They said
they were going to tone it down.
Kakihara  +   1987d ago
It looks good that everyone's not all made out of plastic this time but damn, they NEED to change Harley. I could barely deal with her new 'sexy' look in AA, now she just looks like a desperate teenage whore. Her original design from the animated series and comics is so much cooler, iconic and even sexier than anything they've done since, especially this horrible 'hawt' goth chick look.
kaveti6616  +   1986d ago
"now she just looks like a desperate teenage whore"

Um, just the way I like them? Except now you can substitute teenage for co-ed.
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1986d ago
Mmmm.. Desperation turns me on.
tdrules  +   1987d ago
you know this game isn't out until end of 2011 right?
Arkham Asylum when it was first announced looked wank and no one cared about it until it blew everyone away
solar  +   1987d ago
it's really annoying that these stupid graphic comparisons are being submitted & approved as news comparing a completed game to a game a year away from release.
starvinbull  +   1986d ago
"it's really annoying that these stupid graphic comparisons are being submitted & approved as news comparing a completed game to a game a year away from release..." using the exact same game engine.

They look the same and will do when AC is completed, comparisons are pointless.

Only difference I can see is the lighting has been worked on.
Holeran  +   1987d ago
I think it looks great so far, but I like Quinn the way she used to be (much hotter)
lolzers  +   1987d ago
Looking good. Not a dramatic improvement so far but the first game had great visuals anyway. With plenty of development to be done before it's released no doubt it will turn out even better.
N4BmpS  +   1987d ago
Um this is dumb the game is a year away (a full year) seriously? I like the change in character thought? (IDK what to call it) I'm referring to Harley, I like it.
BasilMarceaux  +   1987d ago
the lady with the blond hairs looks purdier now, i wanna say hello to her bewbs
RandomGamer  +   1987d ago
Damn tho I said it before but does the new Harley ever remind me of Jeanette from Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines(AWESOME GAME...before vampires were gay thanks to twilight).
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Soldierone  +   1987d ago
Underworld evens the odds, we can use that to completely ignore that movie with the sparkled "vampire" freak in it.
RandomGamer  +   1987d ago
mmmm Kate Beckinsale
Soldierone  +   1987d ago
Wait! We need a 360 to PS3 comparison. You see the little pixel dot on the 3rd line of the 500th parameter of the cape, when it waves in this specific direction, it looks so much better on 360! Therefore 360 is king! /sarcasm
joypads  +   1987d ago
looks awesome but Harley Quinn looked much better (more devilish & crazy) in arkham asylum.
Quagmire  +   1987d ago
I would so Bone the new Harley Quinn

she kinda looks like Tara Reid
BasilMarceaux  +   1987d ago
I reckon Id rather bone Harry Reid than Tara Reid. I reckon Harry Reid's gots nicer bewbies
Magnus  +   1987d ago
Mm Harley Quinn looks smoking hot. I cannot wait for this game to arrive
Justanothergamer  +   1987d ago
The difference is clear.
Arkham City is already a lot more polished, character models are improved, and the new cape is awesome. The new Detective vision is a lot more appealing to the eye too.

And there's still a year of work.
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Wolf873  +   1987d ago
Well the most prominent change is...
lighting. It is significantly better in Arkham City. I can't tell it further apart, though Harley looks much better in the new game. Also, it seems like Batman's face has been modified just a tad-bit, at least his jaw area has.
shoest   1987d ago | Spam
CaptainPunch  +   1987d ago
I miss the old Harley Quinn :(
x5exotic  +   1987d ago
to be honest.....

Both suck.

Justanothergamer  +   1986d ago
Take off your fanboy googles, you'll see a lot better.
theroadtoruin  +   1987d ago
i pray that we aint majorly let down, hopefully they can do what they did in arkham asylum and just make it longer.
crxss  +   1987d ago
best graphics improvement: Harley got hot.
DarkFantasy  +   1986d ago
I think she was Always hot . i like the commics and BATMAN:TAS version of her :( i miss seeing her in her original costume

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mricecreamman  +   1986d ago
big improvement on graphics wise, as for art design on harley wtf??!!
DarkRayneRules  +   1986d ago
Photoshop FTW
They should give her the white face make-up and eye mask back. They should leave her hair blonde, maybe make the hair ties themselves red and black. They should get rid of the biker tattoos, and goth belt, chain and bracelets.

I hope if nothing else they at least give her back the eye mask. That racoon/panda eye make up is not becoming at all.

I photoshopped it into reality. Check it out. It's slightly more recognisable. http://darkraynerules.devia... :)
Moragami  +   1983d ago
I think the tattoos are pretty cool...
I've seen some other pics of them on IGN, and they're all related to the Joker. It kind of works, as nobody obsesses like Harley.
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il-mouzer  +   1986d ago
I'm sure there will be additional improvements, there's over a year left until the game's out anyway - I expect it to be well polished and designed.
xg-ei8ht  +   1986d ago
Looks better.

As long as they don't tell me, you need an Nvidia card for a few bits of floaty paper.
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Moragami  +   1983d ago
It's in the eyes
I think the main improvement to this Batman model is the eyes, they appear more natural now. They always kind of bugged me in AA.

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