Halo 3: New Levels of Campaign & Multiplayer Hands-on

Last night, IGN went hands-on with arguably one of the most exciting gameplay revelations of Halo 3's ongoing revelations - a never-before-seen campaign level known as Tsavo Highway. Four separate systems were linked together, allowing four players a single large screen each for maximum graphical pizzazz.

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MK_Red4058d ago

IGN is getting some serious love from Bungie. Nice new levels.

eLiNeS4058d ago

I put a video together of the earlier screenshots of the Multiplayer images of Halo 3. Check it out! - formatted for the Xbox 360 - Size: 28.5 MB


Gametrailer link

Dr Pepper4058d ago

"Amusingly, they will even kneel down in a crouch to embrace their own death if they're mortally wounded or know they're about to get run down."

That is awesome.

Marriot VP4058d ago

ask a doctor for a chemically induced coma

iceice1234058d ago

Is not new, we heard about this in the EGM magazine and on 1up.

MK_Red4057d ago

Maybe IGN didn't get the latest EGM. ;)

otherZinc4058d ago

If BIOSHOCK doesn't get in the way. Im playing BIOSHOCK right now and it is FRIGGIN FANTASTIC!

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The story is too old to be commented.