Square Enix on the origin of the Final Fantasy name

Square Enix Executive Producer Akitoshi Kawazu shares the origin of the Final Fantasy name and reveals one other title that was considered.

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Valay2999d ago

I can never imagine this franchise with the name "Fighting Fantasy." It'd just be odd now.

darkcharizard2999d ago

The creator of Final Fantasy, Sakaguchi, is now working on The Last Story for Wii.

Fun Fact: He said FF was going to be his last game, then he continued working on it for several years. Now, he's saying that The Last Story will be his last game.

I have a feeling we're gonna get TLS XIV some day....

Valay2999d ago

Yep, I'm aware of what Sakaguchi has said. I guess this is just another part of the name's origin!

Reibooi2999d ago

Sakaguchi never said The Last Story was his last game.

He said he was putting his all into and that it would seem from that angle it was his last game because of giving his all. However he then later commented that he does the same thing on nearly every game he makes and always feels as if it will be his last but it never is.

Hideo Kojima has a similar thought process which is why he keeps saying he is done with MGS but then goes back to it over and over. It's merely a figure of speech and he never meant it to have any real meaning aside from the fact that he was working very hard on The Last Story.

Valay2999d ago

I actually thought that's what darkcharizard meant. But in any case, Sakaguchi did clarify his comments about The Last Story being his last game (meaning it probably won't be):


ZombieAutopsy2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I remember one of the creators of FF saying that it was named that because if it failed it would of pretty much been the end of Square, Thus it could of been Squares Final Fantasy.

MMFGaming2999d ago

I read the same thing --think it was in an EGM interview WAAAAAAAAAAY back when Final Fantasy IX was being released.

RememberThe3572999d ago

I guess even the creators don't know how they came up with the name.

SpoonyRedMage2999d ago

Well Kawazu admits he might be mistaken but it is possible that both are true. They could have decided on the FF initials and then decided on Final Fantasy after getting news that they weren't doing well financially.

I remember Uematsu giving a different reason though... haha

Reibooi2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Awhile back there was a show on G4(this was when the channel was all about games and didn't suck) called Icons which would focus on a person or series in the gaming industry that could be considered a Icon.

In the Final Fantasy episode multiple people from Square admitted that game was named Final Fantasy because it was to be Square's last game. At the time the company was in massive debt and they had no way out. They named the game Final Fantasy because it was to be the Final game the company made and it was thought to be a Fantasy that it would be a success that could save the company. Which is exactly what it did.

I would not be surprised if the majority of the people who still remember this are not even with the company anymore as all the greats we know in the company now came later then the 80's and those that were around at that time(Sakaguchi and Uematsu) are gone now.

SpoonyRedMage2999d ago


There's still a few people who worked on the original but they tend to work on the titles that get less attention. Tanaka is working on FFXIV, Aoki hasn't done much since the original Crystal Chronicles(but apparently worked on the FFIII remake), Kawazu has mainly been working on Crystal Chronicles and Ito has worked on smaller stuff like the FFIV remake since FFXII(but is hopefully working on XV). Tokita was at Square at the time, but didn't work on the original FF, and he's been working with Matrix.

But a large amount of people have since left Square (Enix), hell half of Nintendo's developers were from Square!

Capt-FuzzyPants2999d ago

I remeber reading the same thing. A game like FF was there Fantasy it was the game they always wanted to make. Before FF they only made crappy racing games. I think.

SpoonyRedMage2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I remember reading this version in the Iwata Asks for Crystal Bearers, Kawazu mentioned it was because they'd made a game called Deep Dungeon.

What's funny is that the co-creator of Fighting Fantasy, Ian Livingstone, worked at Eidos, which means he now works at Square Enix!

Godmars2902999d ago

Thought it was because they were about to go out of business and that was their last game.

End of story...

despair2998d ago

thats what I heard also, they were going bankrupt and that game would either save or sink them so they called it final fantasy as in last chance.

Mastodon2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

This Article is such BS...

The name was coined by Hironobu Sakaguchi- you know the guy that SINGLE HANDEDLY CREATED/DESIGNED FINAL FANTASY??

He thought it would be a fitting title for their last game as it would be if it didn't sell well.

This was the story as told by every single member of Square up until he left them because they were upset at his FF:Spirits Within fubar...

For these guys to sit back and blatantly lie about the original is not only sad but shows they lack respect for the true origins of such a fantastic franchise - which - if still in Sakaguchi's hands would have never turned out to be the horror that 13 was...

God why are people so stupid?

SpoonyRedMage2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Umm.... Sakaguchi didn't single-handedly do anything. Akitoshi Kawazu, the guy in the article, was responsible for the game design(alongside Sakaguchi) and Scenario Writing(with Kenji Terada).

Kawazu had an integral role in the conception of the series. Arguably second only to Sakaguchi himself.

Reibooi2998d ago

"God why are people so stupid?"

Did you think before you wrought that? Honestly A single person does not a game make. Sakaguchi may be remembered and referred to as the Father of Final Fantasy but he did not single handedly name or create the series. He had help from other talented people without whom the game would have never happened.

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