Open Letter to BioShock eBay Buyers

JW of Xbox 360 Rally just couldn't hold in his rant on people paying $150+ for an advanced copy of Bioshock here is what he had to say:

"I swear to Christ, some of you people are just downright idiots. Not you guys in particular - Lord knows Xbox 360 Rally readers are uber-cool. But I am talking to the Xbox 360 fanboys… no, not the website of that name. Again, they're cool, too. I'm talking about the ACTUAL fanboys! You know, the [kittens] who swear up and down that the "xbox is teh awesum ps3 sux lolz!". I'm talking to those guys. Why?"

"Because they're the ones who are BUYING BioShock on eBay!"

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Schmitty074053d ago

Just some random person's rant.

ShiftyLookingCow4053d ago

whats lame is buying a game for twice the normal cost just to have it 2 days before release

Ri0tSquad4053d ago

wait until halo 3 is about to come out. The same thing is going to be happening but worse.

MaximusPaynicus4053d ago

I'm never above parodying myself. *wink, wink*

Jdash244053d ago

haha im pretty sure if i was at toys r us, i would have bought every copy and sold them on ebay, then with my winnings i could buy the game on the actual release date : )

Daewoodrow4053d ago

It's really not his business, nor is it ours. I wouldn't pay that much to get a game a week early, but if people are willing to do it and they have the cash, it's not our place to criticise them.

So it's a pretty pointless rant.

ShiftyLookingCow4053d ago

about 2-3 days early at max.

beans4053d ago

I agree with you Daewoodrow and don't see why this was even posted to honest!

tehcellownu4052d ago

yes that goes to all the people who owns the ps3 too!!! they have the money to buy its not in our position to criticise them...

come on now wasting 200 dollars on bioshock is

MaximusPaynicus4053d ago

Honestly, I have to agree with "beans" here -- I was just goofin' 'round. Why is this news? :P

Ri0tSquad4052d ago

"But you people who are willing to hand over $70, $80 or even $100+ to get the game a whole six days early are just dumb as hell."


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The story is too old to be commented.