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IGN: What is Halo: Reach?

IGN enlighten us with what to expect from the new Halo game.

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Bad spelling
enlighten should be enlightens
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Community3026d ago
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-Mezzo-3026d ago

A Game? or am i missing something.

HyperBear3026d ago

A prequel to a trilogy of video games!

EvilBlackCat3026d ago

The Most Bad Ass prequel to a trilogy of video games!

darkcharizard3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The most anticipated video game of September 2010!

handheldwars3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

A video game on a Microsoft console that doesn't star Crash Bandicoot!


just saying.

Ultraplayerxd3025d ago

A game that also doesn't have Master Chief in it!

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chazjamie3026d ago

it cant be a game. right?

socomnick3026d ago

It's the most anticipated video game in the past 3 years. If released in any of the past 3 years it would have easily won goty. For no game could match it.

RedDragan3026d ago

It should be fun, but GT5 says hi!

You Noob3026d ago

Ahahahahahhahaha MOST WHAT?!?!?


T9X693026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

@RedDragan - Sorry, but a racing game more anticipated than a FPS in this generation of gaming? Sorry, but no. FPS are the king of this generation, like it or not, hell shooters are period. Maybe back in the PS2 days GT would be more anticipated, but not in the gen.

Some of the highest rated games are pretty much all some sort of shooter.

GTA4- 98
The Orange Box - 96 (360 Version)
Mass Effect 2 - 96
Uncharted 2- 96
RDR - 95
Gears of War - 94
Halo 3 - 94
COD4 - 94
MW2 - 94
Bioshock -94
MGS4 - 94
Gears of War 2 - 93
Killzone 2 -91
Fallout 3- 90

Now look at the racing genre this gen.

Forza 3 - 92
Forza 2 - 90
Dirt 2 - 89
PGR3 - 88
Grid - 87
PGR4 - 85
Motorstorm - 84
Need for Speed Shift - 84
Need for Speed MW - 83
GT5P- 80

Now take a look at those. GT is at the bottom, while Forza is rated the highest this gen, even though its considered by people on this site "A total fail and bla bla bla". Will GT5 score higher than all those games? Possibly, but seeing how Forza is the only racing game to hit the 90's while every other game is 89 and below, shows there isn't to much love for racing games anymore. If you look at last gen racing games you had tons of games in the 90's like GT, N4S , etc.

@Timesplitter14 - Have you been living under a rock? Halo Reach is FAR more anticipated than Halo 3. Reach has over 1 million pre-orders and out pacing the biggest game launch of all time aka MW2. It also had over 1 million beta testers. All that plus this being Bungies last Halo game, makes it more anticipated than ever.

Timesplitter143026d ago

It's certainly not the most anticipated. Halo 3 was more anticipated than Reach. MW2 too, wether we like it or not. MGS4, Gears 2, GTA4, etc... too. And since COD4 stole Halo's flame, Halo isn't as strong of a franchise as it was before.

thehitman3026d ago

um GT5P was like a demo.... which btw i think outsold forza2/3 combined but just saying...

N4PS3Fanboys3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Actually, Modern Warfare 2 probably was more anticipated, but only because it released on 2 consoles simultaneously. There were more people to be excited for it. But Halo: Reach is definitely the most anticipated game on any single console this gen and is outpacing MW2 for the 360, which is the current record holder.

Pre-orders 3 weeks before launch:

Halo: Reach: 1,458,990
Modern Warfare 2: 1,438,828

It is also far outpacing GT5 for any PS3 fans who want to claim that GT5 is more anticipated.

Pre-orders 10 weeks before launch:

Halo: Reach: 477,429
Gran Turismo 5: 157,969

That's three times more preorders for Halo: Reach at the same time period before launch.

RedDragan3026d ago

GT5 has been a Top 5 in the pre-order weekly charts on since the game was announced!

That means it was selling as pre-order as a Top 5 game every week for YEARS! That would make GT5 the most aniticipated game in history. Ever.

Also, where did those numbers come from? You haven't provided any source at all!

Every GT full game sells better than any other game that year. GT5 will be the daddy.

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DatNJDom813026d ago Show
Lifendz3026d ago

It's the reason I bought a 360.

-Ikon-3026d ago

More like you bought a 360 for the Annual release of Halo games.

Lifendz3026d ago

Not necessarily. It's pretty safe to say that Reach is Bungie's last Halo game. And it's one where they finally have the Covenant playing a major part while upping the visuals to a level I think is worthy of a next-gen/current-gen system like the 360.

I didn't get a 360 when Halo 3, Halo Wars, or Halo ODLC came out because I didn't feel those games were worth the investment. After playing the Reach beta with family and friends, I felt justified in making the leap (plus there are a ton of old 360 games that I can get cheap).

But trust me, if MS decides to drop Halo carts or gives the Halo franchise to a dev that doesn't do something good with the game, I'll pass. I may be a 360 owner now but I'm not one of those guys that just runs out to buy the annual Halo game. I think I showed that by waiting this long to get a 360.

otherZinc3025d ago

You've been playing some mediocre games for a long time if you're just now buying a 360.

Also, those Halo games you didn't buy are better than all PS3 games released to date.

If ODST is dlc, what is MAG, SOCCOM, & Killzone 2 & 3?

Zeixama3026d ago

It started as a mere video game and now ... man . it is not stopping , a universal phenomena ?

ikkeweer3026d ago

I want this game on PS3, not gonna buy an XBOX for this and alan (would say ME, but hmm yeah).
does Halo have ingame music?(mp)

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seann3026d ago

i am telling you, its a ps4.

mrv3213026d ago

If we are dumb how come your comment is the 2nd stupidest I've read all day?

HyperBear3026d ago

LOL. I seriosuly laughed for 30secs at that...nice mrv321. bubbles+

seann3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

what was the first?

the obvious answer would be a video game. Its almost a rethorical question.

and my title was sarcastic, and if you look at my title ("you guys are dumb....) you could tell that my comment was supposed to be dumb. and i apologise for calling people dumb, i didnt wanna say stupid. its rough on the tongue and a bit more harsh

mrv3213026d ago

The stupid comment I've read is this one

I do have standards...

Sarcasm RARELY works on the internet ESPECIALLY when you make no effort to display it as sarcasm, a simple /s would be fine. You should for future reference realise text doesn't change no matter how sarcastic you make it for example

'Yeah and Hitler was great'
'Yeah and Hitler was great /sarcasm'

Which is best for showing sarcasm. Yes I was being sardonic.

Bzone243026d ago

So the stupidest comment you've read is your own? Never seen anybody link to their own comment as being the stupidest comment they've read. lol

mrv3213026d ago

I was referring to the quote in that comment by Omega4.

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Whackedorange3026d ago

If ign dont know what Halo Reach then i guess it cant be a good gaming site.

chazjamie3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i think ign should do it for every game they review.

what is rabbit run pro?
what is zombie flick?
what is capcom collection?

its only fair. every game needs a definition

Rybakov3026d ago

ign was never a good gaming site
just like game informer is a terrible gaming magazine